Thursday 10 July 2008

Arriving in Limbo...

Wow, my first blog. I feel nervous, like my first sexual experience- except there are less bushes here and I'm not drunk.

I've started this blog in an attempt to wake my brain up from hibernation and give it a reason to get up in the morning. I had a good three years working it hard at Uni- and grabbed myself a nice 2:1 in Media Writing in the process. After that I worked in the relatively exciting world of retail in the city I studied in. I had fun- I continued to act/drink/dress like a student, but this time I had money (not much, but still). Then I got restless, my feet got beyond itchy. And so now I've decided it's time to see the world- travel, live, explore, love. One lil' minor detail...travelling the world, it seems, is kinda expensive (who'da thunk it?) so I'm now living back with my parents struggeling to find a job in the retail world to fund this epic future adventure.

And no, I haven't found anything yet (hence the blogging phenomina). I could give in and temp in an office somewhere but I fear my brain would give up completely and abandon me if I did that- so no, I'm home day in day out hunting for jobs on the internet and occasionally wondering the town for vacancy signs. So combine that with a conscious effort to put off 'writing career' until after my travels and I have arrived in Limbo. It could be worse. Then again it could be better. To summarise it's so-so, but atleast my cat has a day-time companion.

I'm hoping this blog will rejuvinate my poor sedated mind and keep it slowly ticking over until a job arrives. God know's what I'll write in it, probably narcisistic rambles of my boredom. All spelt wrong. I may add the odd short story- perhaps sections from my novella? Maybe some music reviews I've done. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I'll certainly give that a go. I am terrible at spelling, grammer and anything technology-based... perhaps not the best candidate for a blogger/writer/whatever, but I'm going to make the best of what I've got. I hope you enjoy.


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