Sunday 14 November 2010

Cupcakes... in a Jar!

I know what you're thinking... *puts on Peter Kay voice* Cupcakes?!?!? In a jar?!?!??!

Trust me- it's the latest trend in deserts. I know this because Style magazine and Daily Candy told me so, (and they never lie).

I personally think this is a genius re-invention: Make cupcakes even cuter that they already are and eat them with a spoon. What's not to like? Perfect for parties and you can turn the jars into something cool after you've devoured the cupcake- a nice candle holder maybe?

Take a look at G Desserts for more info, but for now, set your saliva glands to drool...



BluKatKraft said...

Love it! I hate those paper cups! This would keep them moist and great for cute little gifts!

Kat said...

They're great aren't they, yeah they would keep them nice and moist too, hadn't though of that! And perfect for gifts :)

Kat Xx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

oh, what a genius idea! what a lovely present that would be to give to someone. i'm not the best at baking but this is definately something i'd try! xx

Kat said...

Yeah, I'm a terrible cook, but these are so cute they are def worth a try :)


daisy kate said...

Oh my god they look scrummy! Would make such perfect girts too - I am going to find a recipe NOW.

Have you become a Fashion Stereotype yet?

LookingGlassGirl said...

Oh wow! Absolutely loving this idea. I'm gonna take a look at the website now.

Kat said...

OOooh you guys wll all have to let me know if you make these and how they turn out! And if they are easy to make, I'm a complete fail in the kitchen hehe :)


A little fashion Romance said...

WANT! LOVE!!!!!! :)

love kerry


cowbiscuits said...

wow what an awesome idea! so cute! xx

Kat said...

They're great aren't they! Have just written a post about them again for Cellardoor blog (

spreading the cupcake love!


Lucy said...

oh. my. perfect! annndd, for once you could actually transport them easily! no more smooshing a cupcake in a hanky, oh no!
Thanks for linking me in your sidebar fellow Surrey-un! :D

Kat said...

Ooh yet another benefit to the jar- easy transportation! :D

No worries Lucy, love your blog :)



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