Thursday, 26 January 2012

Maria Nilsdotter

Take the dark, twisted beauty of nature and mix it with precious metal and gemstone- what do you get? Pieces of wearable art cleverly disguised as jewellery.

Designed by Maria Nilsdotter, these pieces have such a great aesthetic and embody everything I love about statement jewellery. With a hint of irony and stacks of 'tude, this collection is like a stifled smirk in the highly polished world of fashwon.

Best worn against oversized, neutral layers, tousled hair and a 'fuck you' attitude, here are some of my favourite bits...

What do you think?

Monday, 23 January 2012

From the Archives

I was looking through my digital photo's recently and noticed a whole load which have never seen the light of day, and I felt a little sad for them. So I've decided to make 'From the Archives' a regular feature on the blog, with images that didn't make the cut- be that for work, this blog or even Facebook snaps.

All of these were shot last London Fashion Week, which I was lucky enough to attend through work to take street style pictures for the company's blog. Here are the other pictures I took that day that didn't make it onto the blog...

What do you do with your 'outtakes'?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

This Summer....


....I want it long, and I want it blonde. I also want to master the global-hippy-luxe aesthetic, let my freckles show and tattoo my back.

(yes I am aware it is January, but hey- I like to plan ahead)

What do you have planned for the Summer?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Outfit: Armed and Dangerous

In the depths of Winter fashion can take somewhat of a backseat in my life. Some days I simply think- WHAT WILL KEEP ME WARM? And since Christmas that means just one thing- my new cosy chunky knit cardigan. My mum, sick of hearing me complain about the cold, got me this brown oversized knit for Christmas and it has been my go-to item for colder days ever since.

Today I paired it with my other Winter staple- berry coloured jeans..... and a mildly unflattering band tee. In an attempt to 'fashion' my look up a little I threw on a gold stud cuff (found for £4.50 in the Topshop  sale!) and some sunnies (thank you winter sunshine).

T-Shirt: Peggy Sue Band Tee
Cardigan: Gift
Jeans: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Primark
Cuff: Topshop

Do you ever  pick practicality over style? Any go-to items for freezing temperatures?

Friday, 13 January 2012

Ryan or Puppy?

Quite Possibly the best Tumblr I've come across, asking one of this generation's most pondered-on life questions......

Sunday, 8 January 2012


A few of my favourite things found whilst trawling the internet this week....

1) This ingenious idea for displaying necklaces...


2) Food porn from 'What Katie Ate'...

3) Very cool clips to jazz up shoes currently being given away over on Jazzpad...

4) The jewellery from this outfit on 'Purse 'n' Boots'....

5) All of this


6) My new favourite band, The Civil Wars...

What have you found on the big bad web this week?

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hopes for 2012....

So here we are..... 2012. Another year successfully shelved and popped into the back of our minds; with another bigger, brighter year ahead, waiting to be unravelled. 

I don't think I'm alone when I say I take these first few, (usually miserable), days of January as a chance to reflect and plan. Every year I compile a list of things to accomplish in the coming year and feel invigorated, excited and unstoppable! For about two weeks. Then I lull back into normality and look back the following year with a shrug and 'must do better' attitude.

Last year was one of my most transitional to date, without going into too much detail, aspects of my life were thrown on their heads and I somehow came through the other end fighting. So this year is going to be different. I've learnt that life doesn't give a damn about your plans or resolutions, so instead, I'm going to stick to one or two of hopes for 2012. 

So, here are my hopes for 2012.....

1) Get closer to moving out. 

Always on my list, however I have come to the realisation that my current work/financial situation does not lend itself easily to this hope. But hey, that's why it's a hope this year, not a 'to-do'.

2) Lay off the booze, chocolate, cheese, etc. 

Cliche? Yes. Gonna happen? Who knows. I go through phases with this one, as someone who has recovered from an ED I often think 'screw it, life's too short, hand me the Toblerone', but equally my body, skin and general well being is screaming for a break from all the decadent living. So damn it, I'm gonna try.

3) Stay Happy.

I'm a glass half full chick- always have been, always will be. It's served me well so far.

Right enough of that emotional, heart-felt mumbo jumbo! How about some pretty clothes?! For New Years Eve I went to a 40's themed party and wore a rather fabulous beaded dress from Clothing at Tesco and teamed it with vintage accessories, Oasis boots, a Gin Fizz cocktail and a rather dashing boyfriend....

What did you get up to New Years Eve? Any hopes or resolutions for 2012?


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