Wednesday, 28 December 2016

goodbye 2016 and goodbye Limbo

We're getting close to 2016 being over and I think we can all say - thank God fuck. 

2016 was the year we lost a tremendous amount of talent in the music and acting world. 2016 was the year of Brexit. 2016 was the year Trump got voted to be president. It was the year we all got a little more afraid of what the future will bring. It was the year all (OK, most) of us felt like we'd taken a huge step back as a society. 

But that wasn't all 2016 was. For all of us I'm sure, 2016 had some dazzling highlights.

For me, it was the year myself and my friends turned 30. It was the year I spent more quality time with them celebrating this fact then ever before, involving weekends away, fancy meals and a frankly unbelievable amount of prosecco. 

It was the year I got to stand next to one of my best friends and watch her marry the love of her life. It was the year I abseiled down the Spinnaker tower for charity. It was the year I felt more connected to my feminist side. It was the year I got promoted. It was the year I fell deeper in love than I thought was humanly possible.  

So yeah, the year's ending feels a little bittersweet. 

2017 right now looks bright, but a little hard to make out. Like I've looked at a bright light for too long and am trying to walk straight. I'm not sure what it'll bring, but I have things I want to accomplish (as ever). What's important I think is seeing, or feeling, what you want and keeping that picture in mind with every action. With every breath. 

Everything we do, every choice we make is a chance to get closer to that. It's also about accepting what is, and enjoying the journey. If we can enjoy the every day moments that make life a little brighter, look after ourselves as well as our loved ones and keep that picture in mind with every breath... I think 2017 will be OK.

With this being said, I've made a choice to say goodbye to my Limbo blog and start afresh with a new, more focused blog. I've been blogging here on and off for 8 years, but I've come to the point where I need to move away from ramblings about myself and try to do something... a little more constructive.

So, I've created 'Blue Jay of Happiness', a new blog where I'll focus on three things: health, happiness and hope. I'm sure I'll still end up rambling about myself (write what you know, right?) but I'll also attempt to end each post with something helpful. Something actionable. Something people reading can actually feel inspired by after.

That's my hope anyway. I'm aiming to write twice a week and already have my first three months of content scheduled, because I am a maniac. But also because I am inspired and invigorated to have a cleaner, more streamlined space to type into.

I would love you to join me there, my first post will go live New Year's day. If you don't fancy making the trip, that's fine too. Thank you for taking the time to read this hench post, and for sticking with Limbo this long - I'm giving you all medals in my head.

Celebrate the end of 2016 with joy, gratefulness and a lot of alcohol (it has been a bit of a doozy) and welcome 2017 with determination, excitement and awareness.

See you on the other side x


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