Friday, 18 March 2016


Thought I would keep up with tradition and write up a birthday blog post (feel free to peruse 28 and 29 when you get a chance) and this one's a biggie - 30! I say it's a biggie, it isn't really. I know it should be some sort of milestone, but it isn't really to me. If you read my 30 things to (not) do before 30 post, you'll know what I mean.

Still, I do love any excuse to reflect on the past year and think about the next one. In my 29 post I suspected the year would be one of exploration and travel - and I'm pleased to report that it most certainly was. 

Kicking off my 29th year in Dubai was a good start. I then went to Budapest in June for good food, lots of dancing and a little too much Palinka. In November I stepped things up a notch and went to Costa Rica to learn how to take better pictures and master a headstand in yoga (well, kind of). This spurt of travelling helped me burst my self-imposed security bubble. I challenged myself. I felt uncomfortable.... and free. It was exactly what I needed, to remind myself who I am and what I really want out of life. 

I also suspected I would be somewhere new when I turned 30 - and I was right. While I'm not particularly far from where I was (about a 5 minute drive in fact), I am no longer at home with the parents. I'm sharing a lovely flat with one of my best buddies, and it's pretty sweet for the time being (we have our sights set on coastal shores...).

So - 30. What's going to happen in this year? Well, so far, it's been all kinds of wonderful. 

I celebrated my birthday with good food, wine and friends (a tried and tested combination). I then celebrated my best friend's upcoming nuptials at her Hen do in London, complete with afternoon tea, a competitive treasure hunt and some light clubbing (with the most expensive vodka in all the land). 

Towards the end of last year I also found myself a pretty wonderful man (thank you Tinder) and last weekend we had our first weekend away together in Brighton, eating sushi, drinking questionable cocktails and people-watching on the pier. 

Finally, this week I was promoted at work - hurray! Like I said, all kinds of wonderful. 

The rest of my 30th year is shaping up to continue the trend with the wedding of the century taking place next weekend (YAY!), friends' 30th birthday celebrations, a new car (I want this one, sorry dad) and perhaps a cheeky beach holiday with the girls.

Yup. Think I'm going to like this decade. 


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