Thursday, 27 May 2010


Just a quickie as I'm knackered, (can ya tell by the tittle?), had the worst nights sleep last night and right now, after a full day of working at home, (where the temptation to slip upstairs and under the covers is too much to take), I can honestly say...


And I mean it, lets not fight like we did last night, me tossing and turning, you wrapping your sheets around me subtly trying to choke me. Lets make our peace. I'll make you in the mornings if you stay toasty for me at Deal.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cute boys with cupcakes

I'm a fan of cupcakes, having had my first red velvet humming bird bakery one last week, I can safely say I'm in love. I'm also a fan of cute boys (my boyfriend is cute in a rugged beardy way, I love it)so when I stumbled across this blog: Cute boys with cupcakes, I could barely contain myself. What a great Idea? Makes me want to drag Antony to the nearest bakery, over order some cupcakes and photograph him for hours. Yeah, that will never happen...but still! What a tasty blog! Here are some pics....

I also wanted to take a quick moment to share a couple of my friends blogs with ya, they're top notch I tell ya.

The first is by my friend Rochelle who lives a lovely life as a graphic designer who spends free time crafting and baking. Here's her pretty blog:

Shell + Blossom

The next is written by a friend of mine I met at University, Luke. Since uni Luke has worked his butt off gaining experience in broadcast journalism and in his blog he shares his ups and downs of breaking the industry:

This Bright One Can

Both are fantastic and I follow them religiously. Speaking of following. I also realised today that as much as I think about wanting new followers, I rarely click to follow the blogs I love myself! So after the confidence boost of one more follower yesterday, (hello Lauren!), I went through my link list and followed all the ones I could. Would be great to think a few more people are reading this, have no idea who I'm speaking to in blog world right now (apart from friends and a few followers) anyone else out there? Give me a shout in the comments, would be nice to meet some new faces :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010


So I came home from work yesterday and saw this sitting on the desk in our study....

One of the parents must have been actioning a clear out of the study and unearthed a piece of writing I did yeeeeears ago for one of my best friends! It was her birthday and if I remember correctly I was horribly poor so in lieu of a big expensive present I got her one little pressie and this. I think one of my parents must have printed it out to read themselves, hence this copy....

I'm going to type it out because....well to be honest I'm kinda proud of it. I'm going to do more of this kind of writing, I miss the creativity :)

"When we are born we are instantly bound to people by blood, as we grow older we learn to build a family outside our own. We choose individuals and let them into our lives. We share every hope, every doubt, every dark encrusted thought with them. Sometimes they hurt us, betray us- let us down. We see their true colours and move on without them. Over time we understand who to trust...who we can truly call 'friend'.

Every flaw, every quirk of theirs lightens our lives and keeps us from loneliness when others leave. We see through their eyes and into their hearts- we see the elusive beauty within. Laughter comes quick and easy as do sympathetic tears and a kind ear. Always free to listen they take in every 'blah' word we spit and repay us with wisdom.

Conversations that grow from nothing become wings to fly us far from the mundane. Dancing to loved songs becomes ritual and simple gatherings become events. We accept every flaw and insecurity and love them all the more for it.

To find a person like this is special, to find more than one is miracle. To have a group who share your passions, morals and goals is the only cure for loneliness. They are there when lovers scorn, when families fall and when even your own thoughts get too much. They show infinite strength to hold us up when all we see is black. The future holds many surprises hidden beneath the cosmos, but we know with these friends they can be tackled and turned into great adventures.

When we find these people we rest easy. When everything else falls apart we know we are not alone. And that is a gift to hold close to our hearts.

I have found those friends and I cannot wait to see what great adventures lay ahead, because with you, I know we can do anything."


Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Blog Loves

Over the past couple of weeks I have come across some gorgeous blogs and thought it was about time I shared them with you! I won't list them all as we'll be here all day, so I'll start with just a few....

1) Ashlie Chavez this is a gorgeous photography blog full of other worldly images which make me want to run away to the coast to live life as a photographing gypsy.....

2) 'Cat goes meow meow' (yes, yes it does). Clare from New Zealand uses this blog to publish everything beautiful she comes across in life, and she finds some purdy stuff!!

3) Valentine This is the blog from a french graphic designer, (god I want to be her already), and this is where she shows off her fabulous french life in amazing outfits and extraordinary adventures. JEALOUS.

Hope you like, more to come soon! Anyone else out there seen any particularly pretty blogs lately?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Baking weekend

This weekend I spent some time with my sister, we both needed a little time to shut off from the world and relax. So we did all the usual girly things, watched films with Josh Hartnett in, (where did he go?), and baked fairy cakes :) My sister did most of the baking, I was mainly the assistant that took pictures and dressed up in an apron...That's called TEAMWORK.

Everyone needs family time once in a while and I'm so happy to have a best friend that also happens to be my sister. She means the world to me :)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Do you like my tight sweater?

This is a great illustration blog I found recently: full of illustration, from fashion, to film, to TV. Just amazes me how talented some people are! Kinda makes me want to go to art school....

These are my favourites:

(Moss from the I.T crowd.... I would marry Moss.)

(gorgeous fashion image)

(Alexa Chung)

I wish I could draw :(

Monday, 3 May 2010

Fun Free Fings.....

This bank holiday weekend has ended up being a tad uninspiring with horrible weather and a lack of funds I decided to leave the scavenger hunt for another time with sunnier weather and more interesting places than my living room. Instead I hung out with the beautiful man and had a night out with my sis. Discovered on this night out that I am officially SKINT. Guess that's what happens when you don't get a job that pays and spend a lot of money (who knew?!). So instead of moping I want to write up a quick list of fun free things to cheer myself up. Then get back to job hunting....


1) Have a picnic consisting of only chocolate and wine.


2) Discovering new bands and rocking out in your study to them whilst writing blogs....(The Dead Weather- check them out, kind of like a girl version of Queens of the Stone Age, awesome!).

3) Taking silly pictures.


4)Playing Line-up 2 on the iPhone (I'm addicted)

5)Making up new games on long train journeys (5 points if you see a rabbit, 10 for Bambi's and 100 for not killing the screaming child behind you)

6)Reading old fashion magazines just to see the gorgeous editorials one more time.

7) Sticking on that favourite DVD that you know will make you smile.

8) Reading blogs and discovering new fav's like this:

9) Playing dress up.


10) Having fun with paper like these guys from


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