Saturday, 22 May 2010

Cute boys with cupcakes

I'm a fan of cupcakes, having had my first red velvet humming bird bakery one last week, I can safely say I'm in love. I'm also a fan of cute boys (my boyfriend is cute in a rugged beardy way, I love it)so when I stumbled across this blog: Cute boys with cupcakes, I could barely contain myself. What a great Idea? Makes me want to drag Antony to the nearest bakery, over order some cupcakes and photograph him for hours. Yeah, that will never happen...but still! What a tasty blog! Here are some pics....

I also wanted to take a quick moment to share a couple of my friends blogs with ya, they're top notch I tell ya.

The first is by my friend Rochelle who lives a lovely life as a graphic designer who spends free time crafting and baking. Here's her pretty blog:

Shell + Blossom

The next is written by a friend of mine I met at University, Luke. Since uni Luke has worked his butt off gaining experience in broadcast journalism and in his blog he shares his ups and downs of breaking the industry:

This Bright One Can

Both are fantastic and I follow them religiously. Speaking of following. I also realised today that as much as I think about wanting new followers, I rarely click to follow the blogs I love myself! So after the confidence boost of one more follower yesterday, (hello Lauren!), I went through my link list and followed all the ones I could. Would be great to think a few more people are reading this, have no idea who I'm speaking to in blog world right now (apart from friends and a few followers) anyone else out there? Give me a shout in the comments, would be nice to meet some new faces :)

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