Thursday, 20 May 2010


So I came home from work yesterday and saw this sitting on the desk in our study....

One of the parents must have been actioning a clear out of the study and unearthed a piece of writing I did yeeeeears ago for one of my best friends! It was her birthday and if I remember correctly I was horribly poor so in lieu of a big expensive present I got her one little pressie and this. I think one of my parents must have printed it out to read themselves, hence this copy....

I'm going to type it out because....well to be honest I'm kinda proud of it. I'm going to do more of this kind of writing, I miss the creativity :)

"When we are born we are instantly bound to people by blood, as we grow older we learn to build a family outside our own. We choose individuals and let them into our lives. We share every hope, every doubt, every dark encrusted thought with them. Sometimes they hurt us, betray us- let us down. We see their true colours and move on without them. Over time we understand who to trust...who we can truly call 'friend'.

Every flaw, every quirk of theirs lightens our lives and keeps us from loneliness when others leave. We see through their eyes and into their hearts- we see the elusive beauty within. Laughter comes quick and easy as do sympathetic tears and a kind ear. Always free to listen they take in every 'blah' word we spit and repay us with wisdom.

Conversations that grow from nothing become wings to fly us far from the mundane. Dancing to loved songs becomes ritual and simple gatherings become events. We accept every flaw and insecurity and love them all the more for it.

To find a person like this is special, to find more than one is miracle. To have a group who share your passions, morals and goals is the only cure for loneliness. They are there when lovers scorn, when families fall and when even your own thoughts get too much. They show infinite strength to hold us up when all we see is black. The future holds many surprises hidden beneath the cosmos, but we know with these friends they can be tackled and turned into great adventures.

When we find these people we rest easy. When everything else falls apart we know we are not alone. And that is a gift to hold close to our hearts.

I have found those friends and I cannot wait to see what great adventures lay ahead, because with you, I know we can do anything."



Zoe Lavender said...

I still have it... it is in my diary and it is beautiful :) x x x

Kat said...

Ahhh you still have it! Awesome :) yay :)


Lauren said...

Ah, that's so lovely.

Kat said...

Thank you Lauren :) And thanks for the follow too! Means alot when you havent got many hehe x


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