Thursday, 30 September 2010

Love is....

Love is the way my stomach flips when I think about our kisses....

Love is remembering how many sugars and a half you take in your tea....

Love is dressing up for a night on the sofa....

Love is that giddy excitement to see you after mere hours apart....

Love is looking over at you and thinking 'damn, you're fine' after 2 years of looking....

Love is swooning whenever you pluck that guitar....

Love is that fuzzy feeling I get whenever I think about you, me, us. Now, then, forever.

(P.S apologies if I made anyone chuck up just there, every now and then a girl's gotta get a bit gooey...oh and the 1st image is from here, the 2nd is of my boy, taken by me, without him realising.....)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Little Doodles

Well, today has proved to be another impromptu day off, so I thought I'd catch up on my blog reading and re-visited an old faithful...

Little Doodles was one of the first blogs I started reading when I first got into the world of blogging, and over the years Kate has never disappointed with her gorgeous illustrations and fashion shaped lustings. Her speciality is her amazing bird doodles but she also does some gorgeous fashion illustration, here are a couple of my fave doodles...

Have such an admiration for illustrators, have always wanted that talent. Sadly I cannot draw to save my life, so my involvement in the industry remains purely observational..... like a tourist in other people's imaginations.... and I feel like I've found a second home in the brain of Little Doodles :)

Monday, 27 September 2010


Going to be very quick today (Supposed to be working right now...shhh), just wanted to quickly share a great song with you to brighten up your Monday :) A lot of bloggers do 'New Music Mondays' and share a great new song every Monday- this may become a new feature for me as I'm crazy about finding new talent :)

Anyway my share for today comes from a fantastic band called Sea of Bees, discovered through the musical geniuses over at For Folk's Sake. The song is called Wizbot and once again I seem to have fallen for a song without a video...but here are some random photography stills put to it... if they offend you just close your eyes and listen hehe...

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wish List

I love making lists of things I'll buy for myself one day when I have the money- a distant dream for right now, yes, but I like to see it as something to aim for!

First off- I desperatley need to replace my dead laptop. The dream of course is a shiny Apple Mac....

Next up would have to be a flat for me and the boy to live in. And if it had a tree growing in it- even better...

Fashion-wise all I want is a bazillion pair of ankle boots and one dramatic cape to see me through the season...


(All Images via We Heart it)

Friday, 24 September 2010

She Works Hard for the Money....

Having a few work dilemma's at the moment.... they are knocking me sideways and bashing my head against the concrete floor of harsh reality. And that kinda hurts, let me tell you.

I'm being forced to close my eyes, take a deep breath and start again. I wish you could do that, just rewind and start again- a-fresh, knowing completely and utterly that it's *this* career that you want, and it's *this* that you want to do with the rest of your life.

Writing// music// fashion. This is what I love. Me and about half the world's population, right? Getting anywhere in these industries is pretty near impossible unless you know the right people. Having a nice shiny 'media writing' degree in hand means nada... sadly. EXPERIENCE is what they all want. but EXPERIENCE can't be gained without someone taking a chance on you....

I've just got to a stage where I don't want to slog my guts out working two jobs, 6 day weeks for little to no money. I don't want to be living at home with the parents, taking the bus everywhere, or worse- asking 'daddy' for a lift. But all these lovely plans of moving out and learning to drive require ££££££££££, which I'm never going to get interning or volunteering my work for next to no money.

It's time for a change. I'm just not sure which direction to head in. Preferably somewhere with nice people, creativity and a feeling of job satisfaction. If anyone out there is in a nice place like this- throw me some rope so I can come find you. It's all getting a little confusing in Limbo.

(all images via we heart it)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


So In lieu of any apparent work to be getting on with this morning, I thought I'd share a blog with you that I just discovered, before heading off to shop-keep in the afternoon...

Llymrls (that's Lily Melrose without the vowels) is a 20 year old design student with a flair for fashion and a soft spot for the British high street. It's really quite refreshing to read about high street names and affordable fashion, because as much as I love lusting over designer labels- I'm never going to be able to afford them. This girl gets that, and manages to look incredible even in an outfit entirely from Primark (a girl after my own heart- see my post fast fashion)....

so I just wanted to say a little 'hooray!' out there for all the fashion bloggers championing the high street, looking just as slick as the designer divas ;)

Monday, 20 September 2010

polka-dot tights and cute kittens...

In need of some prettiness today........
(going back to work after two weeks of loveliness sucks)

(Images via We Heart it)

And if someone could send over a kitten to cuddle, that would be lovely- ta.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

We No Speak Americano...

London should be a mandatory city to visit for everyone everywhere. Spent a great weekend there in celebration of my friend Paul's Birthday, and have fallen even more in love with our beautiful capital.

And yes. I took photo's. Lots of them.

First off we headed to Navajo Joe's in Covent Garden for some of the best food I've ever eaten! Lamb Burrito goodness followed by a cheeky chocolate brownie and lashings of Sangria....

After this we danced the calories off in Guanabara, a club dedicated to Brazilian beats, food and drink. A live band had the crowd jumping with sultry South American beats and impressive costumes...they even got my butt wiggling on top of a table!

The next morning me and the birthday boy did brunch at the Diner where I indulged in a short stack with a side of bacon! NOM-tastic.

Realising neither of us had experienced Spitalfields Market we decided to check it out... I took many many pictures....I would like to live under one of these market stalls, please.....

After this visual feast we went to take in the vibe on Brick Lane....

After a lot of photographing, one chocolate filled churro and precisely squat purchased, (money issues kids), I headed home happy and with sore feet.

London I love you lots. Paul I love you even more! Happy friggin Birthday :)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lost Things, Cellardoor's and Illustrated Dreams....

I Have a couple of things to share with you today! First bit of loveliness is this extraordinary stop animation film 'Lost Things' created for a fab band called 'A Fine Frenzy'. Found this video through one of my favourite blogs, Shy Shoegazer and have even seen it floating around facebook- seems there are a lot of stop animation fans out there! Just love the creative quirkiness of it all. And it also makes me want to dye my hair RED....

Cute no?

The next piece of loveliness I would like to share is the latest issue of Cellardoor magazine. I'm proud to say I've contributed to three issues of this as well as pitching in with their lovely blog. The magazine itself is an online masterpiece full of kitsch illustrations, beautiful photography and well written articles. The two creators, Amy Power and Jade Cooper-Collins actually went to the same university as me and have come away with some serious skills. A modern magazine encompassing all things gorgeous - fashion, art, music, film, literature - all while actively encouraging emerging talent (which also happens to be this issue's theme!) Take a peek....

My short story is on pages 120-121 and is called 'Illustrated Dreams'
..... Here's a lil preview:

Watching the rain drops dance down the window pane, a disgruntled sigh woke Sofia from her day dream. Breaking her train of thought she turned to the distraction- ah yes it was a customer, of course. Her mind elbowed her body back into action,
"Yes sir sorry, how can I help?"
He proceeded to ask some inane question about the suggested century of one of the many dusty bowls sold in 'Gold's Hill Antique Emporium'. Sofia feigned interest, but to be truthful, antiques weren't her forte. She picked up this job when her first class degree in illustration proved to be completely defunct, and when debt proved to be painfully funct. These days drawing had become more of a hobby to entertain her ADD imagination while the days twirled in and out. People are her favourite subject to doodle, inspired by the eccentrics of East London and the hats they wear, Sofia would spend hours watching and sketching a couples argument.

Hope you enjoy :)

In other news, I'm off to London this evening to celebrate my good friend Paul's birthday! A few of us are gathering for an evening full of Brazilian food and entertainment- can't wait! My camera will be coming along for the ride so expect a photo-tastic blog post coming soon...


Friday, 17 September 2010

Fast Fashion

Ooooops. I spent money. I shouldn't be allowed to do this when I have just returned from a nice holiday where I spent said money....

On the plus side it was only Primark, and I got myself a chic parka and a quirky pair of tan ankle boots, (my one true vice).

I get really rather torn when I enter Primark, on one hand the cheap materials and connotations with dubious labouring does bother me..... but on the other hand, when someone like me, (a poor lover of fashion), is strapped for cash- Primark and charity shops seem the logical answer.
I think it's safe to say I have a real love/hate relationship with our generation's fascination with cheap, fast fashion, definitely a tricky debate.
All I can do for now is look to the future when I will be financially stable and more able to spend my money in reputable shops. Till then? Primarni and charity shop chic it remains :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fashion Studio

Well, this was a bit bloody fun! High-street favourites HnM have created an online 'Fashion Studio' where wanna-be fashionista's like me can play at styling models. I came across this tool via a great blog called 'Riding in Buses with Bags', take a peek at her looks too.

Now I certainly don't see a future in styling for me, but this was pretty fun...

Here are a couple of looks I put together, basically things I would wear :)

Love the bare leg and ankle boot combo, even if it is Autumn! Need a pair of heeled hiking boots like the ones in the bottom picture....only £34.99. I sense a shopping trip ahead.

Have a go yourself here

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

.....Back in the country *sigh*

Wow, that week went far too quickly! Have been home for a day and already I feel as if I've never been away. Of course I have been far far away in Turkey and had myself a brilliant time with the boy and his family.

Highlights included:

Living in a villa next to a farm complete with goats, chickens and puppy's.

Eating lot's and lot's of delicous Turkish food (mainly MEAT).

Watching content toes wiggling at the end of sunloungers in time to the drum beat of a nearby festival.

Evening meals by the river.

Boat trips to the beach.

Seeing various sized turtles.

Making friends with stray (yet suprisingly content) cats and dogs.

Meeting the cutest kitten in the world (lil cross eyed tabby).

Watching the Turkish basketball team kick ass on the big screen, then listening as the streets erupted in celebration.

Listening to live music at the Jazz Bar.

Napping on the edge of the boat after a hard days fishing.

Bliss. We're already thinking about next year's getaway, our thoughts are currently leaning towards Me-hi-co! (that's Mexico pronounced in an overly excited Spanish accent btw). Check out my 365 project for more photo's :)

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Out of the Office....

Just a quick post to say goodbye :)

I'm heading off on holiday tomorrow night/ early Monday morning so this will be my last post for a week or so. I'm flying far far away with my beautiful man and his family for some last minute sun, relaxation and good food. The aim is to return fat, tanned and content :)

I'm sure I'll have lots of pretty photo's and stories to tell when I get back, so keep your eye's peeled.

Have a brilliant week people xo

(Images via We Heart It)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hand me that Guitar....


Just wanted to take a minute to show you guys some INSANE guitar skills from a couple of musicians....

The first one is John Smith, a singer I stumbled across after reviewing his new album for 'For Folk's Sake' (read my review here) and I promptly fell head over heels in love. The man becomes a one-man band by using his guitar as both a drum kit and a guitar simultaneously. This is one of my many favourite songs of his, 'Winter'...

The next duo were introduced to me last night by my boyfriend, (who also doubles up as an encyclopedia of amazing music, which is nice), these guys are Rodrigo y Gabriela. They are best known for covering thrash metal songs with their acoustic guitars, this is a cover of Metallica's 'Orion'....

Pretty damn impressive no? Hand me that guitar, I recon I could do that....

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Oh, Hello Autumn, how nice of you to join us. You're a little early this year, us Brits tend to enjoy a belated Indian Summer.... but no matter.

I'm excited to walk in your fallen leaves, cosy up in shearing, scarves and your seasonal layers. I can't wait to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows every night and I am certainly excited to reunite my feet with your oh so trendy boots. I will not enjoy feeling constantly cold, or the fact that Winter is up right after you, but I'm sure I'll get over that.

Autumn as much as I love you, I hope you won't mind that I'm flying far far away from you on Monday? Warmer destinations await me to fill me full of Summer goodness before I kiss the sun goodbye for another year. Don't be mad. I still love you.

(Images via We Heart It)


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