Tuesday, 14 September 2010

.....Back in the country *sigh*

Wow, that week went far too quickly! Have been home for a day and already I feel as if I've never been away. Of course I have been far far away in Turkey and had myself a brilliant time with the boy and his family.

Highlights included:

Living in a villa next to a farm complete with goats, chickens and puppy's.

Eating lot's and lot's of delicous Turkish food (mainly MEAT).

Watching content toes wiggling at the end of sunloungers in time to the drum beat of a nearby festival.

Evening meals by the river.

Boat trips to the beach.

Seeing various sized turtles.

Making friends with stray (yet suprisingly content) cats and dogs.

Meeting the cutest kitten in the world (lil cross eyed tabby).

Watching the Turkish basketball team kick ass on the big screen, then listening as the streets erupted in celebration.

Listening to live music at the Jazz Bar.

Napping on the edge of the boat after a hard days fishing.

Bliss. We're already thinking about next year's getaway, our thoughts are currently leaning towards Me-hi-co! (that's Mexico pronounced in an overly excited Spanish accent btw). Check out my 365 project for more photo's :)

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