Thursday, 26 November 2009

More prettyness

Another quick list of things appeasing my eyes and ears at the moment.....

A gorgeous blog packed with beautiful images, fashion, interiors and lots of lists of inspirations- just nice to look at :)

I've mentioned Annette Pehrson before in my blog, here is her own blog full of her otherworldly photography. Check out her official site too:

Similar to Face Hunter- a street style blog which will inspire your wardrobe daily.

Does what it says on the tin....she likes nice things and shares these with the world- and so far I LOVE her taste. Everything from photography, fashion, music, film, art, interiors....she's got it covered.


  • 'Taken by Trees' -(you may notice I discovered these guys on one of my new fav blogs!) Listening to them now and loving every second, so different. Especially like their cover of 'Sweet Child of Mine' which I'm sure is on an advert at the moment...

  • Glen Hansard- If any of you have seen the wonderful film 'Once', this is the main character and I am officially in love with his voice. The soundtrack is fantastic and I've also discovered other songs by him on spotify including a cover of Justin Timberlakes 'Cry me a River'.


Just beautiful images! Have a peek.


Have read so much about this shop hitting UK shores, and looking at it's websites I can see why- I would like to purchase everything in here. Please and thank you.

Corr, what beauts. That'll keep ya going :D

Friday, 13 November 2009

Travel Sick

Having an incredibly blah day today. Awoke with great intentions of gym and productiveness on my day off. Instead I craweled onto my sofa with the cat as the strangest nausea took over. To take my mind off it I read my latest copy of Elle, but this only made things worse. I was travel sick without moving. Every sentence I read hurt my head. My vision was blurry and I couldn't see the subtitles on the wierd french film on TV.

I blame the darkness and drearyess of this particular friday the 13th- it's pitch black at 5:00 PM. The rain has lazily fallen all day. Stress can do funny things to you I guess. Worry is my new friend- worried for my family, for my future. But I know the darkened mood is only for today- everyone needs the odd blah day to swim in their own pity before picking themselves up, dusting off the panic and getting on with life. I spent a good chunk of my teenage life down, which is why I never slip under for too long. It's a waste of time. Tomorrow I will wake up, put on an outfit with structure and stomp into work to smile as customers shout in my face.

After a whole day of feeling 'urghh' I'm spending my evening cheering myself up. Here's how.

(I want to live in Sandra Juto's room--->)

  • Painting my nails hot pink.

  • Reading my new book of short stories about music and the night, 'Nocturnes' by Kazuo Ishiguro

  • Lying in the bath until my fingers prune

  • Re-reading lovey dovey texts from my lover

  • Looking into this whole etsy store thing, website to buy beautiful handmade things like this:


So with all that in mind, I best be off to relax rejuvenate and be re-born into myself again tomorrow :)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Letters to you

I have always loved letters, even as a troubled teen I still found time to write letters to my then best friend talking about latest crushes and cliquey gossip. I even wrote a letter to my first boyfriend telling him how much I cared about him- I just find these things easier to put into writing then to say it out loud. Letters give me time to construct thoughts rather than blurt them out during a conversation.

So I was really pleased to find the love letter to still be alive and well (albeit in a new modern guise) through the website: (which, by the way, I found through a fellow blogger who also appreciated the notion!)

Here are some letters I have a crush on (har har)


i like when we sit next to each other and your leg fits perfectly against mine. i like when our feet bump and we don’t apologize. i like this comfort. i like this closeness. i like you.

— me'


I didn’t think lending pens was special until you lent me yours.

— K'

'Awkward boy,

Wanna be awkward, together?

— Awkward girl'

'pretty girl,

your eyes
your eyes
your eyes

— shy girl'


1.You’re adorable (especially with your glasses)
2.Don’t be jealous. They don’t have what you have.
3.Could you play me a song?
4.Maybe we can share a rain walk someday. Or a sunset.
5.I think I like you.

— Me'

Love it. With the thought of letters on the brain I wanna write a few quickies to those I love;


You have changed my luck from the moment I met you, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the courage to love. I hate to see your eyes turn sad and only hope I can make them smile today and for years to come. I love you more than this letter can say and hope you know I wanna be your monkey head forever.


You have become my best friend and the only one to put up with my tough love techniques.... I know things look hazy and grey now but I promise you it won't turn out like that. You will pick yourself up and dust off the dickheads in your life and go on cleansed and happy. You will see the world again and meet someone who lifts you rather than drags you under. (Love you slag bag).

(Mum and Dad)

You are too nice for your own good, and I'm sorry for everything that's happening at the moment. I hope you never doubt your skills as parents as I haven't met better (and I've met em all!!). I only hope the future changes for all of us.

(The Girls)

I miss each one of you today, but am so happy you are all living your dreams. I know I don't see you as much as I should, but I also know what we have as a group runs deeper than that. You have all enlightened me in different ways and I can't wait for us to grow into old cat ladies together.


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