Thursday, 26 November 2009

More prettyness

Another quick list of things appeasing my eyes and ears at the moment.....

A gorgeous blog packed with beautiful images, fashion, interiors and lots of lists of inspirations- just nice to look at :)

I've mentioned Annette Pehrson before in my blog, here is her own blog full of her otherworldly photography. Check out her official site too:

Similar to Face Hunter- a street style blog which will inspire your wardrobe daily.

Does what it says on the tin....she likes nice things and shares these with the world- and so far I LOVE her taste. Everything from photography, fashion, music, film, art, interiors....she's got it covered.


  • 'Taken by Trees' -(you may notice I discovered these guys on one of my new fav blogs!) Listening to them now and loving every second, so different. Especially like their cover of 'Sweet Child of Mine' which I'm sure is on an advert at the moment...

  • Glen Hansard- If any of you have seen the wonderful film 'Once', this is the main character and I am officially in love with his voice. The soundtrack is fantastic and I've also discovered other songs by him on spotify including a cover of Justin Timberlakes 'Cry me a River'.


Just beautiful images! Have a peek.


Have read so much about this shop hitting UK shores, and looking at it's websites I can see why- I would like to purchase everything in here. Please and thank you.

Corr, what beauts. That'll keep ya going :D

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Alyssa said...

Thank you for your kind words!


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