Friday, 17 May 2013

favourite apps

Recently I have been rather enjoying my apps, so I thought I'd share a few I'm currently using. I won't go into detail about the obvious Facebook, Instagram, Twitter apps, because I'm sure most of us are aware of what these are ;)


'Any Do'

This little 'to-do' app has become part of my daily routine to remind me when I have driving lessons, any errands I need to run and even to prompt me to workout! I think the main reason I like it is its simplicity, all you do is type in what you need to do and cross it off where your done - the number of things you need to do will appear on your home screen as a gentle reminder.


'A Beautiful Mess' 

 I'm sure you've all heard of this new app! I've only just started playing with it but am loving the idea. Made by the creators of A Beautiful Mess blog, the app allows you to add pre-made doodles and text over your photos to prettify them. My only issue is the 'samey-ness' of it all, I'm slightly worried all of our photos are going to look cloned...

'1 Second Everyday'

Now, I haven't actually started using this app, but a friend of mine has and I love the concept. You video 1 second of your life every day for as long as you like (a year is recommended) and the app helps you edit them together into one seriously cool video. I'm not sure when I'm going to start this, but the app looks nice and easy to use!


'Yoga Studio'

I'm going to go into my yoga practice in another blog, but so far - this is the app I've been using when practicing at home. There are lots of different classes to follow, ranging from beginner to advanced and from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Some of the moves are repeated a lot, but I have learned some new moves and I find it makes home practice so much easier. You can even go in and create your own classes if you want!

This app is great for motivation. It allows you to collate a list of activities you want to turn into habits and then document your progress. Some of mine include exercising, spend time with friends, avoid sugary drinks and even do a good deed! There is a list of pre-made goals included, but you can also create your own. You can join in the 'fig' community and allow people to see your activities, but I've chosen to keep mine private.


This is another new app for me and I've only just started using it. It is basically an introduction to meditation and mindfullness, starting you off with 10 minutes of meditation a day, for 10 days. The guided meditations so far are not at all what I expected (thank god) no twinkly music or chanting involved here - just being aware of your body and thoughts in an attempt to slowly train and quiet the mind. I really like the approach they take to meditation and I'm looking forward to finishing the 10 days!

So there you go, just a few of my favourite apps at the moment! Do you use any of these? Any others you would recommend?


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