Monday, 30 May 2011


The last week or two has really shed light on my friendships, and it's shown me once again just how truly amazing they are. So with this in mind, I wanted to post a piece of writing I wrote for my best friend Zoe a few years ago for her birthday- her 25th birthday is coming up and what I wrote still stands true and will do for the next 25 I'm sure :)

'When we are born we are instantly bound to people- by blood. As we grow older we learn to build a family outside our own. We choose individuals and let them into our lives. We share every hope, every doubt, every dark encrusted thought with them. Sometimes they hurt us, betray us- let us down. We see their true colours and move on without them. Over time we understand who to trust...who we can truly call 'friend'.

Every flaw, every quirk of their's lightens our lives and keeps us from loneliness when others leave. We see through their eyes and into their hearts- we see the illusive beauty within. Laughter comes quick and easy, as do sympathetic tears and a kind ear. Always free to listen, they take in every 'blah' word we spit and repay us with wisdom.

Conversations that grow from nothing become wings to fly us far from the mundane. Dancing to loved songs becomes ritual and simple gatherings become events. We accept every flaw and insecurity...and love them all the more for it.

To find a person like this is special, to find more than one is a miracle. To have a group who share your passions, morals and goals is the only cure for loneliness. They are there when lovers scorn, when families fall and when even your own thoughts get too much. They show infinite strength to hold us up when all we see is black. The future holds many surprises hidden beneath the cosmos, but we know with these friends they can be tackled and turned into great adventures.

When we find these people we rest easy. When everything else falls apart we know we are not alone. And that is a gift to hold close to our hearts.

I have found those friends and I cannot wait to see what great adventures lay ahead- because with you, I know we can do anything.'

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Burning House

I stumbled across the 'Burning House Project' through Cellardoor magazine's fantastic blog and thought it was so clever that I had to share it with you guys. 

The project poses a simple question...

If your house was on fire, what would you save?

Collect what you would save, photograph it and send it in to the project. The result is a vast collection of eclectic, sentimental and unique groups of objects, each one saying so much about it's owner. As the project says, 'Think of it as an interview condensed into one answer.' 


HA! I have that spotty cat ornament too! How funny! 

What I would take:

Ma and Pa (obvs) 
'Memory Box'
Wooden tiger ornament from Thailand
 Vintage typewriter

What would you take??

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sheyna Jewellery

Jewellery making has become a real sensation amongst bloggers at the moment, don't you think? I personally couldn't be happier with this, getting original and stylish pieces from your favourite blogger is simply a win-win situation. But what about bloggers like me who want to get in on the act, love originality.... but lack the practical skills to actually create our own pieces?

This is where steps in. Using a virtual sketchpad you can play around with different materials and designs to create your very own piece and then talented artisans do all the hard work for you! Arriving in a silk pouch and a hand-written note from your personal artisan, your unique piece of jewellery will take around 28 days to deliver. How amazing is that? You end up with a personal design to be treasured for ever.

Interested? Well luckily for you, the lovely team at Sheyna are offering Limbo readers a 20% discount using this code: Limbo20

Here are some examples of what you could create- I've spent most of my lunchbreak playing with designs!

Let me know if any of you take advantage of this offer and what you create!

Monday, 23 May 2011

New Look

I've given Limbo another little makeover! I flexed my 'professional' blogger muscles and got the talented Sarah Harman to design me some beautiful new graphics, I love them so much and they just fit in so perfectly with Limbo's theme! I'm also planning on getting the above logo printed up onto some business cards.... how exciting!

Take a look at the bottom of my sidebar for Limbo's buttons and let me know if you want to do a swap :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Off Duty

I have been a little absent from my blog the last couple of weeks, sadly life and all its complexities have got in the way. Change has suddenly reared its terrifying head from all angles and I intend to keep my head down until everything blows over, so I apologise if I become a slightly rubbish blogger for a bit- bear with me :)

So- with this 'off-duty' mentality, now seems the perfect time to introduce you to a blog I stumbled across today- Altamira: Models off Duty. A nice place to swoon over beautiful people in beautiful clothes. here are my favourite looks...

Hope everyone else's week's have been calmer! Thanks to those who commented on my last post, will be trying out some of your sleep-easy tips tonight!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I n s o m n i a


I've been searching for it all week..... but to no avail. The off switch to my brain remains hidden. I often struggle getting to sleep, and have gotten into the, (bad), habit of watching TV until my brain gives in and lets me rest. The last two nights, however, have been far worse, with roughly 6 hours sleep stretched over the two. I swear my brain is on a self-destruct mission and has gone on overdrive. The amount of whirring going on in there would make a helicopter jealous. 

I'm hoping sheer exhaustion will wipe me out tonight and I'll finally get a full eight hours, but if not? I guess I'll see you on the other side. Here's to warm milky drinks, 'sounds of the rainforest' CD's and lavender steeped pillows.

Any of you guys struggle to catch some zzzz's? 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tabio Bloggers Event

So, remember a while ago I mentioned that I had been invited to another Bloggers event? Well this time  it was for Tabio, who some of you will know as the place to go for socks and tights. They don't just sell your run-of-the-mill standard hosiery though- they've taken this product group and made it their own. With cool cuffs for your ankles, accessories for your feet and top quality fabrics, Tabio have stamped their creativity all over the hosiery market. I was thrilled to be invited to their first Bloggers event, (held at their flagship store on Kensington High Street), as I've never been to any of the stores before and was excited to see these products in real life! 

I met up with the lovely Jazmine from 'Jazzabelle's Diary' and Daniela from 'Couture and Crumpets' at Waterloo station before heading off to the event. The store itself was very stylish and filled to the brim with a vast array of unique products! Most of the time was spent chatting to fellow bloggers, the Tabio staff and finding out more about the Spring/Summer range. The staff let us choose a piece of Tabio to take home, so after much deliberation I came away with a pair of pretty spotted tights which I'm itching to wear!

At the event I met Amy from 'Vintage Reflection', Kitty from 'Kitty Hates Everything', Harriet from 'Where is Harriet' and Maria from 'Frills and Spills' who were all incredibly friendly. It was just so nice to meet fellow bloggers in real life and discover some great new blogs along the way! Everyone was so kind and welcoming and I would like to thank Tabio once again for inviting me, my first official Bloggers Event was fantastic.

What I Wore- Blazer: River Island, Top: Primark, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: New Look, Necklace: Gift

Harriet, Maria, me and Amy outside the shop. Photo Credit: Taken from Jazmine's photos on her blog's Facebook Page

Me, Maria and Harriet in the process of picking out a piece of Tabio!
Loved these pink legwarmers!
How cute are the mini 'toe-socks'?? 

Love the mustard yellow with the daisy chain accessory
Maria, Amy and Jazmine looking gorgeous!

Jazmine, me and Kitty

Tabio's window display

Harriet, Maria, Amy and Jazmine in front of the store

Have any of you tried out Tabio before?

Friday, 13 May 2011

Review: Rooftop Collective

As some of you may or may not have noticed through reading my blog- I am a bit of a music fanatic, particularly folk/rock styles. I have been writing reviews for ‘For Folk’s Sake’ for the past few years and before that I wrote for various other music sites. So when I spotted that an old classmate had started making folk/blues music of his own - I had to give it a listen.

Now I remember James from school as being the musical protégé- always one step ahead of the class. So I’m not surprised that he’s making music now and is doing so under the name of ‘Rooftop Collective’.

The Collective’s music brings together a talent for songwriting with skilful blues styling to form a modern day take on folk music. The harmonica melodies inspire images of years gone by, while the lyrics speak of modern day issues. Each song tells a tale tinged with melancholy and yet manages to present it in a wistful way. ‘Master Dreamer’ resonates with me personally, (as a fellow master dreamer), and ‘My Best Friend’ tells a sweet story of friendship and loss. The standout track for me however has to be ‘It’s Over’, where heart wrenching vocals lie over a lethargic bass line, showing off James’ writing skills beautifully.

Overall I think Rooftop Collective have the makings of a great first EP and are clearly destined for a bright future. Check out their music for yourselves here and while your at it, go 'like the facebook page here ;)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Philippe Roucou's Polaroid Scarves

I'll admit it... I am a sucker for anything with a polaroid print on it, coasters, notelets, you name it. I am also somewhat of a scarf collector/obsessive.... so you can imagine my excitement when I came across Philippe Roucou's line of polaroid print scarves, called 'Objects Trouves'. The scarves themselves are made from 100% silk and all the designs come from found images- probably picked up at a car boot somewhere. I love it when designers take discarded art and create something new.

The best thing about these pieces is that they actually look really good on, yes you do loose the image, but still- they look great! I love them. 


What do you guys think?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

FLASH! (AhhAhhhhhh)

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of Flash Paradise- a tropical themed pop up shop put together by students at Middlesex university to raise money for Japan. Open for two days only, the make-shift shop had an amazing itinerary including blog workshops led by Carrie from Wish Wish Wish and Bang! Nails painting nails in an array of tropical themes! 

At the launch me and my sister were greeted by the, (even more), stunning in real life Lucy from Snippets of Shiny Thoughts who promptly sorted us out with drinks and a free illustration. After munching a few cupcakes and admiring the clothes I got the chance to meet and chat with some fellow bloggers- Jazmine, Lizzy, Hannah, Sherin and Suzie

The evening was so much fun and me and my sister even won a piece of clothing in the raffle! As well as heading home with a fantastic goody bag :)

It was my first 'event' as a blogger and I had to battle some nerves to go, but I am so glad I did. I've been invited to another event next week- and now I am even more excited! So keep an eye out for that one :)

Lizzy, Jazmine and I looking very colourful!
(Photo Credit: Taken by the lovely Hannah at Bow Dream Nation)

Our host- Lucy from Snippets of Shiny Thoughts

Me in my (sort-of) Tropical outfit

My beautiful sister Sara

Gorgeous jewellery by Hatice's Pieces

Just some of the raffle prizes! I bagged the maxi dress on the right and my sister snapped up the orange blazer

Cute cuddley's by Bobby Dazzler

Have you guys been to many events? Do you enjoy them?

Friday, 6 May 2011

Kittens and Ice Cream

Say hello to Bettie the kitten! My sister and her other half got her a couple of weeks ago and I have already been over twice for, ahem, 'dinner' .... by dinner I quite clearly mean to play with the kitten! She is a little monster and attacks everything that moves, but she is such a cutie its hard to be mad at her. The other picture was taken on a little family outing recently- you can't beat ice cream in the sun.

Just thought I'd do a little catch up post- how has everyone's week been? Mines been full of ups and downs. Low points have included failing to get further in a job application I really wanted and skipping yoga because I was lazy. Highlights have included going to my first bloggers event at the launch of Flash Paradise, (but more on that later!), and getting more freelance work. One thing's for sure though, the highs have definitely outweighed the lows

- all about perspective, right?

What have you lot been up to? And do any of you have kittens?! I'm so in love.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Just a Minute....April (and the winner of Limbo's first giveaway!)


Making: Made some amazing chocolate chip Brownies. Getting into baking the same time as trying to get healthy was a silly idea. Ah well.

Watching: So you think you can dance- love watching these amazing dancers! Also watched my favourite film this month- 'Into The Wild'. Brilliant film!

Reading: Finished Eat Pray Love, currently on the hunt for a new book. Tempted to re-read 'One Day' before the film comes out....Can't be any worse than the Eat Pray Love film, right?!

Listening: Marcus Foster, Ben Howard, Band of Horses and The Black Keys- gravelly voiced men with guitars? Yes please.

Loving: Exercising and eating healthy (ish) ! Started taking yoga classes again and am spinning up a storm on the exercise bike. Can finally feel a difference after about two months of not eating crap and moving my butt more :)

Buying: Some gorgeous midi skirts from charity shops, a fab day out in Camden, drinks with friends and some rather questionable meal deals from Boots....


So Limbo had it's first giveaway! Thanks to everyone that entered, got some of the sweetest comments and they really made me smile :) 

I used to pick the winner and got number 5! Which is...


'Congrats! Some great prizes.. consider me entered too ;)'

Congratulations! Will be emailing soon for your address :) 


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