Monday, 2 May 2011

Just a Minute....April (and the winner of Limbo's first giveaway!)


Making: Made some amazing chocolate chip Brownies. Getting into baking the same time as trying to get healthy was a silly idea. Ah well.

Watching: So you think you can dance- love watching these amazing dancers! Also watched my favourite film this month- 'Into The Wild'. Brilliant film!

Reading: Finished Eat Pray Love, currently on the hunt for a new book. Tempted to re-read 'One Day' before the film comes out....Can't be any worse than the Eat Pray Love film, right?!

Listening: Marcus Foster, Ben Howard, Band of Horses and The Black Keys- gravelly voiced men with guitars? Yes please.

Loving: Exercising and eating healthy (ish) ! Started taking yoga classes again and am spinning up a storm on the exercise bike. Can finally feel a difference after about two months of not eating crap and moving my butt more :)

Buying: Some gorgeous midi skirts from charity shops, a fab day out in Camden, drinks with friends and some rather questionable meal deals from Boots....


So Limbo had it's first giveaway! Thanks to everyone that entered, got some of the sweetest comments and they really made me smile :) 

I used to pick the winner and got number 5! Which is...


'Congrats! Some great prizes.. consider me entered too ;)'

Congratulations! Will be emailing soon for your address :) 


Is This Real Life? said...

Oh im loving so you think you can dance too, its totally inspired me to get back to my dance classes!
Thank you for your lovely birthday wishes too!

Kat said...

I WISH I could dance like that! I've never been a good dancer though! And no worries, hope you had a great day :)



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