Sunday, 8 May 2011

FLASH! (AhhAhhhhhh)

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of Flash Paradise- a tropical themed pop up shop put together by students at Middlesex university to raise money for Japan. Open for two days only, the make-shift shop had an amazing itinerary including blog workshops led by Carrie from Wish Wish Wish and Bang! Nails painting nails in an array of tropical themes! 

At the launch me and my sister were greeted by the, (even more), stunning in real life Lucy from Snippets of Shiny Thoughts who promptly sorted us out with drinks and a free illustration. After munching a few cupcakes and admiring the clothes I got the chance to meet and chat with some fellow bloggers- Jazmine, Lizzy, Hannah, Sherin and Suzie

The evening was so much fun and me and my sister even won a piece of clothing in the raffle! As well as heading home with a fantastic goody bag :)

It was my first 'event' as a blogger and I had to battle some nerves to go, but I am so glad I did. I've been invited to another event next week- and now I am even more excited! So keep an eye out for that one :)

Lizzy, Jazmine and I looking very colourful!
(Photo Credit: Taken by the lovely Hannah at Bow Dream Nation)

Our host- Lucy from Snippets of Shiny Thoughts

Me in my (sort-of) Tropical outfit

My beautiful sister Sara

Gorgeous jewellery by Hatice's Pieces

Just some of the raffle prizes! I bagged the maxi dress on the right and my sister snapped up the orange blazer

Cute cuddley's by Bobby Dazzler

Have you guys been to many events? Do you enjoy them?


Hannah said...

lovely to meet you kat, it was a great evening and these are fab pictures =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

Kat said...

Ahh thank you- so great to meet bloggers I admire in real life! :) xx

Lucy said...

Kat! Thank you sooo much what a wonderful post! Sorry I've not been able to thank you earlier, so much work to do! Finally taking a snoop all your lovely posts, we're very happy and pleased we could host your first blogger event! thanks for wearing your tropical bits and *blushes* complimenting me :)
very kind! xxxxxxxxxx

Jazzabelle said...

flash paradise was so much fun, i'm so gutted the majority of my photographs turned out blurry! you and your sister both looked so lovely, and congratulations on both winning pieces! it was lovely to see you again at tabio :) xx


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