Thursday, 4 June 2009


Wow, I'm getting lazy with my blogging- Haven't posted anything in a while have I! Well I'll give you a quick update....


  • Promotion going well, not burnt the shop down yet or anything. Had a few disheartening run-ins with the area manager, but then I reminded myself that this isn't life or death I'm dealing with, its SHOPPING.

  • Used my discount wisely this month- peg leg trousers and beautiful shoe-boots, mmmm


  • Have finally had work!! Written two reviews for 'For Folks Sake' website- has been awhile since Ive done any reviews, was nice. Hope to do more with them.

  • Just emailed a couple more websites trying to get more work! I've got the hunger.

  • Have not written in my diary for weeks. Bad Kat. My diary is my therapist.


  • Boyfriend is beautiful and making me happy :D

  • Sister is home from Australia and taking me out drinking a lot!

  • Went to Cyprus with some girlfriends to soak up the sun and chill by the sea- gotta love holidays.

  • Travelling fund is growing! Hope to get away in January :)

So there ya go. My life in 9 concise bullet points. 9 feels an odd number. Might add one more...

  • Went to see 'Drag me to Hell' last night- bloody awesome! Sam Raimi- Raimy? However you spell it is a genius. And quite sick in the head.

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