Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Instagram #001

Fashionably late as ever to the Instagram party, I have arrived a little dishevelled and rather excitable. How brilliant is this?! As a lover of photography but loather of carrying my heavy SLR, this little iPhone app satisfies my daily snapshot cravings. Here are a few pics from my first week on Instagram, I have taken more since, (it is pretty addictive), but figured I'd make this a weekly thing.

Top Row L - R
cool artwork, Bettie the kitten, beautiful new tweed biker, silly Friday face

Middle Row L - R
mid-morning snack, Calvin or Coco? Breton stripes, a little light reading

Bottom Row L - R
commute home, profile posing, typewriter love, roast dinner time!

Who else is on here? 

(PS for those interested, my Instagram username is katnicholls)


Is This Real Life? said...

Ooh I wish I had an iphone so I could use instagram, looks so cool!

Ah and I need your typewriter, its beyond amaze! X

Vintage Reflection said...

Glad you've joined the instagram party! I enjoy your photos! This is great to see them all together and see what you've been up to! x

Harriet said...

I do so love instagram - am already following you naturally but I love seeing these sort of posts - the pictures look lovely together!


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