Sunday, 23 September 2012

here comes the sun....

The past week I've been lucky enough to soak up the sun in Spain with my boyfriend for a well deserved holiday! We were both in need of a break from work and the miserable weather in England so we packed our bags and hi-jacked his mum's villa in Alicante for a little sun, sea and sangria!

Highlights included....

Horse riding through fruit orchards

Using my rather rusty A Level Spanish every day

Discovering some amazing new Tapas dishes including aubergine crisps dressed with honey (YUM)

Seeing the Guadalest falls

Buying delicious local wine at 2 Euros a bottle

Plenty of sunbathing time

Getting lost in my new book (Harukai Murakami's 1Q84)

And taking in the amazing sunsets at Alicante Harbour 

I'm now back in the UK and sadly, back to reality. I'm feeling incredibly refreshed and rejuvenated however and ready to take on work, life and even the Autumn weather!! I've held onto this 'new beginning' feeling with a few new season fashion purchases which I'll hopefully get around to blogging soon :) 

Did anyone else manage to grab a little sun abroad?

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