Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Happy hump day everyone! My week has been rather hectic so far complete with train delays and appointments galore, looking forward to some downtime this weekend! I have had the chance to catch up on blog reading however, so here are just a few of my favourite things found on the Internet so far this week...

1) This Element Eden Editorial from Daydream Lily

2) This nail art tutorial from Ella Masters

3) This place looks amazing - Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar - from Here comes the sun

4) This random but rather lovely music video on Lights Drive my Soul

5) All of this from Purse 'n' Boots

What have you found in cyberspace this week?


Joseph Baker said...
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Joseph Baker said...

I've been looking at the American Satire magazine MAD. Always good for a giggle. For the more creative, those who feed off inspiration and appericate well thought design. Design Sponge is great site bulging with ideas and sorts of stuff!

Joseph Baker said...

Links don't work :(

Design Sponge -

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

the nail art is fab, I wish I didn't have such shaky fingers! xx


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