Friday, 15 February 2013

lust have: the print shirt

 Zara Print Shirt 

This season I appear to be having somewhat of a Zara obsession. My love for the brand started young when a rather trendy friend of mine told me about a couple of cool Spanish stores called Mango and Zara. We travelled to London for the first time on our own to visit the stores, and the rest as they say is history.

Right now I need this over-sized leopard print shirt. Buttoned up over skinny black trousers for work, or loose over a plain tee and leggings for the weekend, this shirt is a serious multitasker. I'm already planning a trip to Reading to buy this shirt (because for some reason Guildford does NOT have a Zara yet?!) and I'm sure I'll end up with more a few more bits for spring.....

What are you currently lusting over?


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Zara is amazing! and this shirt is no exception! xx

carelessly cut said...

For some reason I never shop in Zara but I must try to from now on.
Their shoe selection for spring/summer this year is amazing!

Rosie x

Maria Fallon said...

I love Zara and this is seriously lust-worthy!

Maria xxx


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