Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bestest Bestival Bever

Well that was fun wasn't it? Finally had the proper muddy festival experience. And yes, I'm going to write all about it (you know you care...). Set off Thurs evening with some uni buds (Luke, James and Lucy) in Luke's tiny fiesta. Did I mention he passed his test a week ago? Oh and that he had a sense of impeding doom? Yeah, I feared for my life. But turned out he was a great driver and had a lovely journey despite being squished by piles of bags. (Ferry check in man to Luke- "Just the two of you yeah?" Luke- "No, there's two more in the back, under the stuff" Me and James- *muffled crys* Ferry man- "Oh wow, you guys alive yeah? haha, go on through.")

Anyway- we got there! Pitched our tents (thank you Luke for helping me, I'm not the camping type apparently...) and after settling in to our new homes promptly got told by security that we were camped in a 'fire lane' (?!) and had to move by ten the next morning or our tents would get chucked. So that was nice. I slept for about five minutes that night and wondered what I'd let myself in for as the rain and wind threatened to blow me and my tent away. Anyway, upped and moved the next morning to a new spot and got ready for day one of soggy madness. Day one rained. A LOT. Thankfully my mum (bless her) lent me a pink and purple waterproof which saved me from pneumonia, and gained me cudos for my retro 80's look. I love that the less you bother to look cool the cooler you evidently become. We wondered around the site looking in on various tents, had a little dance and raved on.

James found the hidden disco which turned out to be the best place to warm up, dry off and rave it up, we spent a lot of time in there! Me and Luke headed to the main stage to watch The Foals and Pendulum as the heavens opened up. But when you're jumping around to you're favourite songs- who gives a s**t? The weather did put a bit of a downer on us that evening and Luke and I seriously considered sleeping in his car (mmm, heaters) but we decided Luke should instead move into my tent (His tent was pretty wet and I needed another body to warm my tent up) and we both had a much better nights sleep.

I'm not going to ramble on about every detail, as I'm starting to bore myself already. So I'll stick to some highlights!!! Which were:

  • Pendulum and Foals in the rain (quote, JJ- "When does it ever rain this much...ever?!")

  • Every trip to the hidden disco

  • The wicker mushroom!

  • Our neighbours on the campsite who provided genius comedy every morning. I would write some quotes....but it would offend too many people. Haha.

  • Seeing Laura Marling (front row)

  • Dressing up Sat night and posing for photo's (Me: "What does a fish do?")

  • James' epic walk home alone. (Random to James at the tent: "Man, I was with you all the way. That was epic, I've seen March of the Penguins...that had nothing on you. Highlight of my weekend dude!")

  • All the cool people we met

  • The last night, "Wellies!", Legal (but should be illegal!) highs and Underworld.

  • All the quotes: 'Man up woman!', 'Man down!!!', 'Swig on...swig on'

The people I went with made it the bestest bestival and I love them all. Bring on next year :D

This is me......I'm a fish.

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