Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Even more determined....

I turned the shoe shop job down. I decided if I have to work in retail I would rather not pay for the pleasure (Travel costs to Guildford etc.). So I'm back to unemployed. Massive mistake or liberating accomplishment? Somewhere in between I think. I have since signed up to an agency who are determined to find me a job where I can use my degree. But how long will that take? A month? Two? I can't go any longer without a job. I have an interview for a management position at River Island tomorrow. I used to work there part-time. Is pretty much a massive step backwards, but right now I hardly have a choice do I?

On the plus side- I'm off to Bestival tomorrow evening to forget about work stress and find the hidden disco. I'm going to dress up as a clown fish (fancy dress theme is underwater), paint my face, drink too much and dance like a mental patient. Then I'm going to come back, sit in the bath for hours, sleep, cuddle up to my boyfriend and get offered a fantastic job. How exciting :)

Right now I have a pile of travel brochures just dying to be perused. So I think I'll put on some Laura Marling, flick through them and dream about the future. Because that is my favourite thing to do. That and dressing like fish apparently.

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