Friday, 29 August 2008


Right, so I've finally got a job. It's another shoe shop. It's not a manager position...or assistant manager....or even a supervisor. I'm just going to be an assistant, standing around looking desperately for a foot to dress. Fantastic. I haven't started yet and already I don't want to go, (could ya tell?). It just isn't what I want, but what is it they say about beggar's and choosing? Bloody sayings.

I've just applied for an amazing job in communications, the job spec sounds perfect for me. Maybe they will call me before I start at shoe land and save me from a year of commuting and desperate boredom. God I can feel the dull details of every day wearing me down already. I need a job where I can develop skills, build up experience, use my degree for something!! I want to be challenged everyday, I want to feel excited about projects- I want more than stock takes and sales chatter. I am going to get what I want, I've decided. Life is too short to waste on stop-gap jobs. Why not forge a career before travelling and then have a wealth of experience to draw on when I get back? It is such a shame I live where I do, Camberley isn't exactly alive with media jobs. We'll see.

Feeling determined this evening. I blame the CD I'm listening to (a 'gurr rock' mix CD my new boyfriend burnt me), it is amazing and really getting my blood pumping. I want to take over the world right now. I have a gorgeous new boyfriend, amazing friends with whom I'm having the best summer with, a festival to look forward to, a slight tan, more freelance music journalism work coming up....It would be wrong to muddy my good luck right now with a crappy job. I will go to my new job with professionalism and a smile- but I will continue to look for something that holds my interest. Because at the end of the day, as lovely as shoes are, they're just shoes..... and I don't want to turn into a girl that makes orgasm noises when she sees these:

God they're like Barbie's sex shoes.

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