Friday, 1 August 2008


I Like music. I like it a lot. Recently I've found myself attatched to my laptop via headphones in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes I pretend to be reading, but usually I'm just listening and daydreaming little scenarios to match the musics pace. I know I should go to bed, I feel my little eye lids begging me to close them, but alas, I cannot leave the music. Someone (with excelent music taste) stole my i-pod when I was in Southampton, so now my only fix is from my laptop- much to the annoyance of my housemates. And by housemates I mean parents.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to write about music and tell you who I'm currently obsessing over (because I know you care...ahem). Anyway here is my list of lovelies you NEED in your life:

  • Lyla Foy- Found her after stealing some freebies from the office of a magazine I did work experience for. She is folksy and fantastic. Her song 'Cinderella' is my favourite. She's on myspace too- just search for her.

  • Laura Marling- Another gem from Zoe! She may possibly be the love of my musical life. She's collabarated with The Mystery Jets and Noah and The Whale (more on them later), Please listen to 'My Manic and I' and 'Night Terror' I implore you :)

  • The Black Keys- Their new album is a keeper

  • Micachu & The Shapes- Another steal from the freebie desk, find 'Golden Phone' very electro but cute at the same time

  • Officer Kicks- Sent to me to review, 'Mona Lisa' is their best track, they're Britains answer to Kings of Leon. About time!

  • Pendulum- We all know these guys, the new album has me in a trance. Best track is saved till the end in the form of 'The Tempest'

  • Vampire Weekend- Their album might just become the soundtrack to my summer

These are just a few things I'm addicted to at the moment. I seem to be wavering between electro drumb n bass to blues-y folks-y summer-y tunes. It's all great stuff and makes me remember why I'm bothering to pursue a career in music journalism.

Last tip- Go search on youtube for the video from 'Noah and The Whale' for their song '5 years time' featuring Laura Marling is cute and summery and I love it :)

And here's a musical picture...just for kicks

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