Thursday, 8 January 2009

Stand By

A new year calls for a lot of things- a new blog entry for starters, new plans, resolutions, goals, fascinations, musings, wanderlusts even? Not sure that last one is even a word... feeling very thinky and wordy this evening (terrible combination for a writer with no readers!) But hey, I'm gonna spit anyway- feel free to join in.

This time last year I had a year of change ahead- moving from Southampton back home with the parentals, jobless and with no real plan in mind besides travelling. And looking back- I had quite a kick ass year. I had an awesome last few months in Southampton, came home and proceeded to bum around for the entire summer jobless. I had two holidays, one festival and a summer romance that turned into a real relationship. Then after a few false alarms job-wise I got one that would fit the bill... for now anyways.

I'm not where I thought I would be, but I'm happy- probably happier than ever actually. I'm not in the job I want to be in, no- but I don't dread going to work. I enjoy the work and like the people I work with- surely that's better than most jobs in itself? Besides I'm constantly reminding myself it's only temporary, so I take the con's of retail life with the pros fully aware it is not forever. I'm not living where I see myself living- again temporary before I travel and then pick a spot on the planet to inhabit. I'm in an incredibly happy relationship- which as you may have guessed from my previous post is quite the achievement. I have a loving family around me including the best sister in the world who I'm going to miss like hell when she's off surfing the coast of Australia (wait wasn't that my idea?!). I have awesome friends, who I don't see enough, but when I do it revitalises my love for life as I'm constantly inspired. All in all- I've got it good.

Saying that I do see (and hope for) this year to be one of change...again. Last year was full of new things and I want the same again. If I stay in the same place (metaphorically and actually) I feel stagnant like a forgotten beer. So I want some things for this year- not resolutions (GMTV told me they're bad for your health..) just 'things' I want to happen/see/do/think....

  • READ more. Currently enjoying 'Love letters of great men'. Want some exciting fiction to inspire me.
  • WRITE more. Haven't written anything in so long, makes me sad- awaiting inspiration and courage.
  • DO more. In general. Maybe exercise a bit....go to more gigs, go to the theatre/museum/gallery....stop sitting on my arse on my days off basically.
  • LEARN again. I miss lectures. I want a degree in philosophy...and photography...and anthropology....
  • TRAVEL. It's part of the plan this year (again) if I don't do at least a little this year I'll have really let myself down.
  • MOVE. Somewhere. Don't know who with, don't know where- but it's gonna happen.
  • SEE my friends more (caps didn't do the intended job with that one did they?).

I think that's it. I'm sure I'll add more as the months wear on. This is probably the most I've written in weeks- already working on numero dos. Kudos to me.


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