Thursday, 12 March 2009

Followers hey?

So- has been a while since I've had a lil' write on here huh! Work has been stressful, and trying hard to ajust to grown-up time- i.e trying to fit in a full time job with boyfriend, with friends, with me-time, with exercise, with writing, yada yada ya! Turning out to be a little tricky, but so much more enjoyble than my time in limbo when I had nothing but time.

Since I last wrote I've joined the social networking site- 'twitter' which I figure will be great for promoting this blog and to make some contacts in the industry. And so far- so good, have got myself 21 followers! One of which is a writer and blogger, Jenn Ashworth who I've got a little link to on this side bar right here---> So that's made me happy. Also makes me feel rather divine and god-like...I have followers. Must not let the power go to my head.

Also must write something of worth here so that when/if anyone reads this blog they will actually see something good as appose to narcissistic ramblings. Have a week off work next week so jobs to do are:

  1. Write a fantastically interesting/witty blog

  2. Write a short story and submit to someone. Anyone.

  3. Write a piece commenting on a fashion trend for Vogue writers contest (because lets face it, Vogue is my bible.)

Tis a plan. Till then must keep scribbling....

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