Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Art of Doing Nothing

Sometimes you just have to slot in a bit of time to sit back, reflect and re-boot. How do we do this? By doing nothing. Nowt. Nada. I felt the need to do this today after self doubt (the bastard) encroached on my otherwise optimistic outlook on life. I’m trying to get into the (apparently) glittering world of music journalism and have been lucky to have a few jobs recently to beef up my portfolio... but not all has gone to plan. First a fashionable self harmer managed to make me feel inadequate, then gig venue politics prevented me from doing my job properly. Fantastic. Neither of these things were my fault, but somehow they still manage to creep in your subconscious and whisper “You are shite.” And that’s never nice is it?

All this being said, I decided today needed to be a day of nothing. Except that never quite happens does it? Turns out I’ve run out of clean underwear and am currently borrowing Antony’s (love you!)- so lot’s of washing needed to be done. On my third lot now, not quite sure how my wardrobe is going to cope with the sheer volume of clean clothes, bless it. Then of course after I got that dull job started I needed to tidy my room as the junk in it was upsetting me. So I cleared that then stopped for lunch which ended up being cereal as there was no bread in the house… sigh. After this I needed a break. This break may have involved sky+’ed Britain’s Next Top Model and The Hills finales….don’t judge me. Then it was onto my favourite past time- lying in bed reading fashion magazines and listening to I-tunes on random. This all took my thoughts away from career/dreams/crap and took them to pretty clothes and witty articles about fidelity (Elle). GOOD TIMES.

After this I needed to get my social networking fix and spent quite some time on facebook and twitter. I now have 90 followers by the way…! I’m sure they care about my self doubt crises…. Yuh. Fascinating though, just getting incites into strangers lives, discovered quite a few awesome blogs too, (will type up a pretty list for you in the next post, promise).

Anyhoo- after all this doing nothing malarkey I realised I needed to get over myself and my self doubt and to just keep on marching. You have to do your fair share of wading around in crap before you reach the top of the hill right? All I’m saying is that it better be bloody good up there.

Ultimately this is what doing nothing is for, because when we do nothing we get the chance to just be. For me this is usually when I stop panicking, breathe and re-boot. So the moral of the story is this- doing nothing can be good. Mustn't get addicted mind you.....my bed is calling at the moment actually.....veg out with a mind numbing film maybe?....yeeeah.

This kitten's got the right idea...

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