Monday, 27 July 2009

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Right, in my last post I promised a list of my favourite blogs, so I'm just going to dive right in. Think I'll put them into catagories and use lots of bullet points.... because I'm a massive geek.


This is just a simple photo blog of Mr face hunter stalking style around the world. Amazing for inspiration for future shopping trips.

A great blog showing us exactly what we want to know- what is in the wardrobes of the elite and stylish. Features in Elle magazine monthly and just really quite addictive.

The queen of style blogs, Susie Bubble. I love her style and just find it fascinating to see an origional and quirky perspective on things.

I love the idea of this blog- basically Joe and Katie are a couple and one day Joe decided he needed to share his girlfriends eye for style to the world and set her a challenge: To be photographed everyday in her awesome outfits for a year- the catch? She has to wear a different outfit every day. Again inspiring to see how to mix up your wardrobe.


These are a mix of websites and blogs, some of which I've written for...

My new favourite music website focusing on all elements of folk music from global, conventional and indie. Gorgeous illustrations on the site too.

Covers the essentials in music and films.

A lovely blog following Anika's musical pursuits. Awesome photography and funny content- loving her taste in music too.

Just covers some cool artists! Big fan.


A blog found through twitter- Kate is an illustrator with a thing for lil birds- such cute drawings and she's done some very cool projects including working with Marc Jacobs! Jealous much...

A graphic designer- I just love looking at illustration and graphic design! I wish I could draw/think like these guys!

The year in pictures- a great blog for lovers of photography or anything visual.

Another illustrator who I wish I could be....sigh...


A blog by writer Jenn Ashworth- have been following her blog for a while now, was actually partly why I decided to start my own! Just like her style and can't wait to buy her book.

Covers the kind of books I want to write.

A blog that encourages writers to submit 6 sentences. I've always liked a challenge! And even though my 6 didn't get published I still enjoy reading others!

12 stories- simple as. And again even though these guys chose not to publish my submission, (boo) I still go on regularly to see what new stories are up. Great for the short story lover.


My friend Zoe's blog about Public Relations- fascinating even if you aren't in the buisness yourself. Trust me, she knows her stuff and has got a huge future ahead of her :) and I hope she lets me crash in on it from time to time hehe.

My fellow journo Lawrence has made his way into sport journalism and has started to carve a nice little future for himself. Again I know he will go far, and again I hope he lets me crash :D

So there we have it- my current favourite places to be in cyber space. Check them out and let me know if you like them too. Or if you have any suggestions of other blogs I might like give me a shout :)

In other news I have had one rejection this week from a submitted short story which, yes, sucks but hey it's expected. Not quite sure what to do with the story now though? Maybe I'll post it on here one day. On the positive side, I've just emailed a new magazine called 'Libertine' (a kind of I-D/Vogue/Dazed and Confused for under 25's) asking if I can contribute. So fingers crossed I'll be able to get more work out there. In the meantime I've got a review of Duke Garwood to submit and a review of Alice in Chains to prepear for! Lot's going on still which is nice.

Non-work related news...I'm off to Portsmouth this weekend to see some girlfriends and I cannot wait! Has been far too long since I saw them and can't wait to check out their new house. May have to get the rest of my rib piece tattoo done while I'm there aswell....because tattoos make you sexy. Just like these kids-->

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