Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Perfect day

I've had the best day today and unfortunately I must share this with the world. These are the things that made my day fantastic today......

  • I have a week off work, not that I don't like work, it's just nice to have a break!

  • I had a lovely (/fattening) meal with Antony last night and got to lie in his lovely bed until 11:30 this morning. I woke to find his cats meowing for my attention in the living room (it's nice to feel wanted...)

  • Most of my day has been spent on tinternet.....mostly listening to music such as my new favourite band of all time: http://www.myspace.com/peggywho and also listening to lots of Pearl Jam on Spotify

  • Then saw that my news piece for For Folks Sake has been put up, and was given another album to review (Theoretical Girl)

  • THEN (and this has been the most exciting part of my day so far) I spent some time looking up travelling packages for Jan/Feb next year. So far have found an amazing 4 week package in Thailand which includes a visit to a temple, teaching and some time on a pretty island :) hunting for similar deals to Oz as well....

  • Now I'm going to go sit in my garden because its so sunny (for once!!!). Then this eve I'm going to see my beautiful boyfriend again and finish off that cookie dough ice cream....*drools*

Tomorrow I'm off to visit my friend Paul to check out his new pad in Angel- so good times ahead. I like this week already.

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