Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just a minute.... August


Making: A scrapbook of magazine clippings and personal bits, just to feed my obsession with cutting & pasting.

Watching: 'One Day' (good, but not as good as the book) 'Adventureland' (great sound track) and 'Wilfred' (Elija Wood and a man dressed up as a dog? What's not to love?)

Reading: 'Sputnik Sweetheart' and 'Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World' by Harukai Murakami. One thing I'm loving about my commute- lots of reading time!

Listening: John Smith, Cate le Bon and Ray Lamontagne.

Loving: Having things to look forward to- gigs, a certain dinner, a spa day, etc. Good times :)

Buying: A monthly train ticket, oyster card, bus tickets- I am officially the Queen of public transport.

How was your August?


Maria said...

It sounds like you have had a great August :)

Maria xxxx

danniekate said...

sounds like a good month! in retrospect, i packed a whole lot in! xx

Filipa said...

I too read one day, but havent seen the film.. i didn't like the book that much tbh, i just couldnt connect to any of the characters :( I love anne hathaway though, so might see it anyway :P


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