Saturday, 11 February 2012

Outfit: Sport Luxe

Let me start by admitting something- I don't do sport. I've had my phases growing up- netball, horse riding, even a brief football stage..... But these days the closest I get to actual sport is embracing fashion's interpretation. This outfit was worn back at the beginning of Autumn when it was still sunny enough to go without a coat, (ahhh, those were the days), and when wearing sunglasses didn't cause sniggering glares.

My terracotta bat-wing top was worn over a black maxi dress, with skirt knotted to one side, and finished off with a pair of high-top converse and layered necklaces. Looking back a clean and simple topknot and one statement necklace would have made this outfit even better.... still, it was good enough for a Sunday walk in Windsor :)

Do you keep your sporty side firmly in the wardrobe?

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