Thursday, 24 January 2013

more love letters

Every week at work I have a blog day (I know, I seriously love my job) where I have to research and write various blogs on different things. Today I wrote a blog about writing love letters to strangers, and I had to share it here too.

The story started when Hannah Brencher moved to New York after college and felt incredibly isolated. After struggling with depression and loneliness she decided to reach out - to anyone.

And so her letter writing journey began. She wrote little love notes to strangers saying things like 'have a bright day!' and 'you're brilliant, even if you think nobody else thinks so' and left them in public places like the subway, cafes and park benches.

The idea is now 10,000 people strong and is slowly but surely brightening the world :)

Has anybody ever done this? Think it's such a great idea.

p.s for those wondering, I am now working for this company as a content writer (writing for their various directories) and I have never been happier in a job :)


Lily Labyrinth said...

This is such a nice idea :) It would be lovely to find one of these little notes to brighten your day!

Ps. Glad to hear you are loving your new job :) xx

Maria Fallon said...

Glad you love your job so much, isn't it the best feeling?!

Maria xxx


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