Friday, 30 May 2014


Recently there have been quite a few moments that have made me smile - most fuelled by sunshine, a few fuelled by chocolate. Whenever this happens, I like to really take it in. Sometimes - if I have a phone/camera on me - I take a photo, other times I close my eyes and take a mental snap shot. I think this simple act is an important part of being happy; taking the time to appreciate such moments helps you get by when things ain't so rosy. 

The moments I photographed:

bright pink lips for a sunny Sunday

al-fresco breakfast, chamomile tea, music & reading

favourite jewellery & favourite magazine

chocolate because, well... chocolate

The moments I didn't photograph:

coffee & croissants with my love

red wine, dinner & flat hunting

conversations with sanka cat

yoga in the sunshine

On reflection, none of these moments were particularly special - no birthdays, no landmarks, nothing deep and meaningful. Just perfectly ordinary events that, when looked at in the right light, are anything but. 
What moments have made you smile lately? 

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Is This Real Life? said...

Ah such a beautiful post Kat and your so right, the simple things are what make you happiest! I LOVE your pink lipstick, and I am happy right now that I found your music post a few posts down as it has the best playlist on it and you quotes almost famous in it too, all my favourite things in one post haha! X


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