Monday, 5 May 2014

treat yo'self

treats: seven course dinner, kraken rum, cos dress, anthropology earrings 

So lately, when it comes to spending money, I have been somewhat overindulging. In the past my spending habits resembled those of a hungover student - I can't afford that, that's far too nice for me - oh but is there a voucher? Most of my shoes came from Primark and I considered Urban Outfitters as the 'dream shopping destination'. Now, thankfully, my taste has matured - meaning that my spending habits have had to mature too.

Replacing my lust for Topshop and Urban Outfitters is Cos, Mint Velvet and Anthropology. And while I do still enjoy the odd Nandos, a proper meal out now typically takes place at Cote or a gastro country pub.

Sadly I'm not quite in the position yet where I can splash the cash, and I do still find it hard to part with my money (and I should really be saving for a house, hmmm) - but lately I've been treating myself. Nice rum, pretty dresses and rather extravagant meals out have made me both happy and a little poorer than I should be. But you know what - sometimes you have to flip off your sensible side and treat yourself. 

And I promise, as soon as me and Joe book a luxury all-inclusive holiday as a pre-mortgage hurrah, I'll go back to being sensible ;)

Have you treated yourself lately? 

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Maria Fallon said...

You look stunning here, I love that dress on you!

Maria xxx


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