Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I want to be a sponge.

A metaphoric sponge that is, (Spongebob really gives me the creeps). Yes, I've decided I want to soak up some new information- and lots of it. I want to sit down next to a pile of books, put some music on, make myself comfortable and read until my eyes bleed.

For the past few hours I've been raping the amazon site looking for inspiration. And I've written a nice long list of what I want.

I want fiction: 'Apples' by Richard Milward, 'Invisable Monsters' by Chuck Palahniuk, 'Naive. Super' by Erlend Loe and 'Pieces: A Collection of New Voices' a book full of short stories from new writers. And so many more.

I want Philosophy (basics, for beginners that kind of thing- I don't want to melt my brain yet).

I want Psychology and all subjects relating: 'Essays in Love' by Alan de Botton.

I want photography/fashion: Vice photo book, Nylon 'Street' and 'Play'

I want travel: (anything with pictures to dream with.)

I want Illustration: 'The Picture Book: Contemporary Illustration.'

I want to learn and feel my little neurons sparking again.

More than that- this list has turned into 'stuff I want to buy.' I'm kinda using the whole thing as an insentive and motivation to earn some dollar. I want a holiday to Mallorca to see my friend living out there. I want movies: 'Into the Wild' (amazing film), 'Once' (a modern romance) oh and 'I'm Not There' (Bob Dylan film). I want albums and new favourite bands- I've done a whole seperate list for that bad boy. I want subscriptions to fashion and literary magazines. I want more tattoo's. I want new shoes and a plaid shirt. And please won't someone buy me a pony?

I digress. Lists are fantastic. I have a list of things to nurture my mind and it's terribly exciting. Yesterday I wrote (wrote? that's a lie, I typed it up...) my favourite list though- my aspiration checklist. Complete with little pictures found on photobucket. I won't bore you with the details, but it's got everything I want to do on there and is serving as a great reminder to stop lying in bed till noon and bloody do something. I just wish everything didn't rely on money- makes me sad. Even volunteering abroad, something I want to do, costs a s**t load.

Must focus on the lovely free things in life. Like hugs, and jokes, and kisses, and umm...sunny walks, and dancing, and compliments, and naps, and daisies....and the like. Yes loverley freebies- let's focus on that and forget about the neverending lists of material needs :s

I like ending with a picture, here's something free and lov-er-ly.

Aww isn't that sweet. I might just go throw up a little. Bye.

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