Thursday, 4 February 2010

I'm offski.....

Well, last blog to come from me for a little while! The time has come (finally) for me to do a little travelling. I've wanted to do this ever since I finished uni and was incidentally the reason I started this blog- I was unemployed and living at home waiting for a job to come along and earn me some dollar for an adventure. And now I've finally got there- and even managed to snag a pretty boyfriend on the way! I'm off to Thailand for a month with an organisation called 'Real Gap' and will be going to lots of different places doing lots of different things including teaching, cooking, meditating, swimming under waterfalls and kayaking down rivers- and I cannot freakin wait!

So while I'm away I will try and keep this blog as updated as I can, whenever I'm in a Internet cafe I'll start blogging away! Other than that I'm gonna concentrate on having fun :) and then when I get back I'll be back to unemployed bum and will be blogging until I cant blog no more! Hopefully I'll get hold of some sort of internship....Then hopefully move in with Antony.

Speaking of who, I have to mention Antony here, he's been my rock the last year and a half and I am going to miss him so so much. He knows how much I've wanted to do this though, hell it's the reason we met, if I didn't want to travel I would have never moved home to save and would never have met him! So he knows how important it is and how excited I am to come home to him after :)

Anyway enough mushy stuff..... I'm offski and will blog as soon as I can! Ta-Ta for now Xx

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