Monday, 8 February 2010

Thailand Baby!

Oh my God- I'm finally here in Thailand! Only been here three days and already having the time of my life. Here's a condensed run down:

The first evening (in Bangkok) we all met each other at the hostel, had a few beers and bonded. A few of us went for a wonder to the red light district strip!! Was like Vegas/Amsterdam! crazy. The next day we had some temple visits- went via sky train and river taxi's! So damn cool. The temples were beautiful, have some amazing pictures already. We then went to the BMK shopping centre for lunch- the food is lovely :) then that evening we had our welcome meal at a restaurant called 'condoms and cabbages' hehe- really beautiful restaurant with some random condom sculptures..... We then headed to the famous koasan road for some buckets! Lethal haha, but tasty. We then got a Tuk Tuk to a ping pong sex show (because well why not?!) and saw some funny things, I shan't go into detail- use your imaginations.....

The next day we travelled to Kanchanburi where we'll be staying for this week- AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! gorgeous lil bungalows on a hill with a pool! And it's right next to the river Kwai, such pretty scenery. That night we had dinner on a restaurant that floated down the river as we ate, then turned into a mini disco on the water, again have great pictures. Today we went to see the first amazing waterfall of the trip! It has 7 levels and is a mission to get to the top!!! But was well worth it, got to swim under the falls and even got a 'fish massage' basically these lil fish come and nibble your feet!! Supposed to be good for your feet! This evening we've come to the local town for dinner and drinks :) Tomorrow we learn how to cook Thai :s hehe.

The weather is hot, humid and lovely! The people on the trip are really really cool, feels like I'm back at uni again! Can't believe its only been a few days, feels like I've been here for weeks with the amount we've done!

Am having the time of my life and cant wait to show some pics on here!

I'll try to keep this updated but Internet connection is tricky to find so may not be able to very easily, Will try my best though :)

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