Monday, 15 March 2010

Back to life, back to reality.....

Hi honey- I'm home :) The last month sped by and I can't believe it's over and I'm back in my red brick home tapping away on my dads trusty PC. Thailand was, in a word, Uhhh-may-zing. Had the time of my life and only wish I'd had more time to write about it here, unfortunately the Internet cost money and with no job to come home to.... I was a lil stingy.

No matter, I will tell all now. I say all- I mean most, I'll be here for months if I wanted to tell all, so instead I'll do what I do best- make a list. A list of highlights from each place during the month!

  • Meeting everyone then proceeding to the red light district of Bangkok on the first night.

  • Having our welcome meal at Cabbages and condoms restaurant.....

  • (That's a condom Christmas tree in case you couldn't read the sign...)

  • Hitting Kaoh San road and racing tuk tuk's to a ping pong show on the second night. Gotta get the full experience right?

  • Gorgeous setting by a river.

  • Lovely pool, good for making whirl pools in :D

  • Spending every night in Sugar Member bar, and celebrating the owners birthday with an amazing free buffet.

  • Temple day, Getting my fortune told there...I'm gonna have a baby boy one day apparently :o.... Getting blessed by a monk and seeing crazy colours during meditation!

  • Seeing the food market and learning to cook Pad Thai.

  • Waterfalls.... (lots of waterfalls).

  • Tiger Temple, getting to stroke about 50 various sized tigers!

  • The views from the Death railway over the river Kwai.

  • ....oh and of course the two cutest puppies ever Cookie and Tofu.


  • Rural and remote town with friendly locals who always gave us a smile and a wave :)

  • JACK!!! The best dog in town, followed us everywhere (even to classes) and attempted to protect us from other strays- legend in dog form!

  • Secret party in Eddies Tree House....shhhh!

  • The legendary 7-11 with its apple slices and kit-kat bites!

  • The lake with bamboo raft to sunbathe on, and the odd swimming cockroach if you were unlucky!

  • P Guesthouse and it's ice lemon drinks and chicken sandwiches (yum).

  • Teaching for two weeks! The kids singing happy birthday to me and giving me sweets on my bday.

  • Toy restaurant and its cheap and delicious meals, the vegetarian bakery with yummy chocolate cake, nom nom nom.

  • Birthday party on a boat releasing lanterns for good luck.

  • Ice creams on the way home from school...every day.

  • Grandma's laundry service!

  • Elephant trekking and bamboo rafting (and the hilarious DVD that came with it!).

  • Canooing across the lake, visiting the Mon side for a festival.

  • Being invited to a local party with live music, food and jewellery hehe.

Koh Phangnan:

  • Beach week! Fantastic resort, living in a beach hut for a week and waking up to this view:

  • Spending precious time in the hammock.

  • Partying on the beach at Hadd Rin every night.


  • The shopping....oh the shopping.....

  • The sunsets!

  • Getting a bamboo tattoo- cherry blossoms on the inside of my forearm.

  • Buckets, buckets and more buckets.

So in summary- good times were had. Sad to be home, but happy to see everyone especially my family and Antony. He even arranged a surprise welcome home meal with all my closest friends! Was such a good night. Now I'm back it's time to get back to the real world and finding myself a job and figuring out when and how me and the boy can move our asses to Brighton.... Wish me luck :)

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