Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Yo Mama!!

Soooo, the Peggy Sue gig was last night. And it was.......uh-may-zing. They were even better live than on record, those two have such amazing vocals. Not only that, but the amount of random instruments they brought on stage and proceeded to play was fascinating to watch. They will bring back the accordion, mark my words. They played a lot of tunes from the debut album, 'Fossils and Other Phantoms' (Which I got included in the ticket price, eeee!) as well as some older material. It all went down well with the crowd, but the biggest reaction was probably for my favourite song of theirs, 'The Sea, The Sea' which got everyone dancing and singing along. Anyway, here are a couple of pics I managed to get- was too spellbound to take many pics to be honest....

Today is rainy, cold and I'm in a Peggy Sue amazing-ness hangover. So I've donned my Peggy Sue T-shirt, snuggled up with my cat and read Elle whilst playing 'Fossils and Other Phantoms' on repeat...and munching digestive biscuits. Today has been a good day.

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