Thursday, 1 April 2010

Summer lovin'

OK, this post is a bit premature I know, but I've been trying to get some summery inspiration for a new short story I want to contribute to Cellardoor's summer issue (link to them in my list of fave blogs). It really is tricky to conjure up summer stories when it's still chilly and the clouds keep intruding on the sun's fun. I found some images to try and spark something-

All very pretty, no? Makes me want to go back to the 50's and ride a bike to a lake, whip out a picnic blanket and share lemonade and sponge cake with my lover. Then maybe head to Venice beach and get the Z-Boys to teach us how to surf and then skate some empty pools with them....

Then we would head to a festival with pretty folk artists like Laura Marling and Lisa Mitchell and fall asleep under the stars.

PLAN. Summer still has this notion of freedom about it, doesn't it? I guess it goes back to summer holidays away from school. I love summer, even in England, it's always such a novelty for me to not have to wear a heavy jacket and woolly scarfs. Sunbathing in the garden on days off, BBQ's, drinks by the lake, festivals, road trips....OK I'm officially in the summer mood now. Time to write some summer magic.


ShyShoegazer said...

I really can't wait for summer! New wardrobe ... Days out and about in the sunshine... Lazy evenings having drinks in the bars along Brighton beach .... BRING IT! haha. Good luck with the writing x

Kat said...

Summer seems so far away right now hehe, but cannot wait! Me and my boyfriend are hopefully moving to Brighton in the summer, so will be even better! My post gave me an idea, just to write about a fantasy perfect summer day, so might give that a go!



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