Saturday, 24 April 2010

Antique typewriters and Fish eyed wonders

I have been having the strangest dreams lately. The other night I dreamt that I saved John Travolta from drowning, (WTF?), and last night I was dreaming about the most amazing blue antique typewriter. Did I buy it in my dream? No. Because even in my dreams I couldn't afford it...although, to be fair for some reason dream land is highly over priced and it cost £512,000. I would looove an antique typewriter so much, I just think they're beautiful and essential for proper writers (hehe). Here are some pretty images I found on Flikr when I typed in "Blue Typewriter":

In other news I have finally gotten around to loading my new fish eye camera with film! And have officially taken my first shot :) This camera was a present from my boyfriend and I love it. This is the one he got me:

Isn't it beyootiful? Can't wait to use it to take gorgeous lomography pictures like these:

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