Monday, 19 April 2010


Just finished reviewing an album sampler from Lissie- this song rocks my world. Please check her out!!!

In other news...first week of internship and part-time work went really well, ridiculously happy with it all. Internship involves writing fashion blogs, researching designers, twittering and facebooking. Part-time job involves fitting shoes for little kiddely-winks and gushing over baby's. Free time involves reviewing music, evenings in with the boy and BBQ's with the girls. Happy days so far then! Have kept up with the photography project and done a few fashion posts's really nice to be busy again after so much time off, as crazy as that sounds! All is well in Limbo Land.


Shell said...

Wow, she's really good! Where did you find her? Glad you're enjoying all your new avenues x

Kat said...

Got a album sampler to review from the Folk website I write for! Love her :)



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