Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Scavenger hunt

Just a quick post this evening, just wanted to show you what I'm hopefully going to preoccupying myself with this weekend as I'm still jobless (boo), found this photography scavenger hunt idea from My friend Rochelle's blog: (Really great blog, take a peek!) she found something called the Diana Scavenger hunt, as its designed for the cult classic Diana camera (which I want!) but I figured I would have a go with my fish eye!

Here's what you have to look for and photograph:

1) something blue
2) circles
3) a number
4) something that begins with the letter T
5) look up
6) a self-portrait
7) something sweet
8) clouds
9) a furry creature
10) sparkly, shiny things
11) look down
12) morning hair

Here are some results from puglypixel.com:

Will definitely at least start the hunt this weekend....

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