Thursday, 22 April 2010


Had such an interesting day today. Went to London Zoo with my boyfriend, had the best time fooling around and 'oooh-ing'/ 'ahhh-ing' to everything we saw. But then I found out I lost my part time job due to financial reasons. Which is totally fair enough- no ones fault at all, just one of those things. So I got a lil upset, of course, everything had been going so well. But ya know what I realised- that's life. These things happen, and it makes you appreciate the good things. I know it's not like a tragic loss or anything, more an irritation really, but I figure there's no point making a fuss over it. S**t happens, and that's what makes it interesting. Was such a fab day, didn't want that news to over shadow it. Took some great pics, have a look over on my photography blog:

Anyway- while we're on the subject of life, came across a new photographer love (via

Erin Mulvehill

Take a look at her 'Life' series, I love them. Captures all the details we never think to notice. So easy to miss it all.

Here's the text that went with it:

"she looked into my eyes with omniscience,
and spoke with a beautifully hypnotizing tone,
'well do you ever feel as if you're in this alone?''

so she held me with one hand
and placed the other to my ear,
'one must listen before one can hear'

and then she posed the final question,
the answer to which could set me free:
'do you ever wonder what will be the very last,
fading image that your eyes ever see?'"

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