Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Fashion inspiration

I'm sure I've mentioned this website before, but I thought it needed a full blog dedicated to it! It's called Look Book ( and is really great if you're in need of some fashion inspiration. The simple idea is that people submit pictures of their outfits for our sick pleasure. Really gives you some fashion for thought and gets those creative ideas a-flowing. The best thing is that the page never ends, it continues down no matter how far you scroll....I challenge anyone to get to the end of it! Anyway, here are some fave looks:

Gorgeous. Thinking about starting a separate fashion blog.... with the occasional help of my stylistic genius sister, I want to show off her skills to the world!!

What do ya think- good idea?


ShyShoegazer said...

I love LookBook too! It's so good for fashion inspiration! I think a fashion blog would be fun for you and great for the old CV! :)


Kat said...

I'm addicted to LookBook! Yeah you're right, will definately help the CV! Trying to get internships at music/fashion magazines at the moment, so hopefully it'll all help!



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