Saturday, 20 March 2010

Thanking you kindly :)

Well I just had a lovely little welcome home present from blog-world..... Comments!! To be honest I've never even thought to look at my comments section, I just assumed my mum, dad and maybe a couple of girlfriends bothered to read this! So imagine my shock when I discover I have 11 comments! From fellow bloggers! Some really lovely comments too such as:

'Great images and a great blog, keep on sharing :)

'loving your blog :D happy new year to you !'

'Hahahahahaha!!! Best short story ever, I read it allowed to my housemate :) x x x'

I wont go on, is making me blush hehe. Suffice to say I was shocked and utterly delighted. So I just wanted to say thank you to whoever reads this and I promise to keep an eye on my comments and will respond and give your blog a shout out!

It really is nice to know I'm not speaking into cyberspace alone, people are listening (eee!) which means I'll keep on writing and sharing on my, yet again, jobless life! Which by the way involves me applying my little heart out online daily. Have even got myself two interviews next week, one of which I am very excited about.....but won't go into detail, wouldn't want to jinx myself :p

Anyway enough of me blabbering on, here's a list of my favourite things since returning from Thailand.....

  • My boyfriend organising a surprise welcome home meal for me at our favourite tapas restaurant in Camberley, El Pic. And him since spoiling me with birthday pressies and hugs galore :D

  • Catching up on my magazines! Have so far read: 2 copies of Elle, 1 Vogue, 2 Company's, 2 Styles, 1 I-D.....and Metro on the train.

  • Hanging with my sis again!

  • Going to Bicester village!! OMG. It's my new shopping Nirvana, designer stock at outlet prices, got me a French connection dress (down from £120 to £18!!) and an All Saints waistcoat! Wanted an Alexander McQueen scarf so bad, but even though the designer threads were cheaper than they should be, at the end of the day.....I'm jobless.

  • Catching up with my blog lovers- I know, I'm a geek, care. Have loads of new ones discovered from my commenter's, but haven't had a chance to peruse them properly yet- don't fret I'll write another blog dedicated to blogs again soon.

  • Catching up with TV hehe. 'Skins'- I love you even though you are dark and troubled. 'LA Ink'- you make me want a body suit of tatts and a job with Kat Von D. 'The Cleveland Show'- you are so wrong.... but God help me, I love an eastern European talking bear.

  • Finding new bands! Like 'Paper Route' and 'Dead Man's Bones' oooh and discovering 'Cat Power' (I know, I'm a little late to that party).

  • Making plans and lists again- I cant wait to get a job/internship and make my way to Brighton with Antony :) I want to be beside the seaside!!

Anyways, that's all I've got right now. Another thank you to people who left me comments, totally made my day :) Love Love xx

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