Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Fathers day :)

I didn't get to spend much time with my dad today as I had training for a new part-time job, so I'm fulfilling his request to have a dedicated blog to his fantastic-ness!

Here are some quick things I love about about my lovely papa:
  • His ridiculous and silly sense of humour
  • His innate ability to listen/sympathise/empathise
  • His uncompromising love for all of us, despite some of our many flaws
  • His optimism- he likes to hide it, but deep down he believes in all of us no matter how bad things get
  • His passion for good music, he's taught me a lot
  • The pleasure he gets from the simple things in life (a nap, a beer, a good gardening sesh)
  • His amazing calm business head in tough situations- he won't give up without a fight!
  • His driving skills. He drives around grannies for work and me for pleasure

And lastly I love how considerate he is to all of us and even our other halves. You're the reproductive organs of a canine father. (that's the dogs bollocks to you lot)

Here are some amazing photo's he took of himself the other day....

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