Monday, 26 July 2010

Chasing Paper and Ruling Empires...

So much I want to post about at the moment, but so little time! I've given myself a day off today as I can't do 14 days without a day off, I'm not hardcore enough. So I'm taking a day to rest and rejuvenate :)

Work is such a funny thing isn't it? Some people see it as a means to an ends, punch in, work, punch out- then live for the weekends. Others see it as a way of life, something that defines who you are and all that you are. I would like to think I'm somewhere in the middle. Yes, I have big ambitions for myself, but the crux of it ends here- I want to do something I enjoy. But at the same time, I don't ever want it to take over my life and define who I am.

Here's what I do for work at the moment. First and foremost I'm doing some freelance writing for this company:

They're a fashion shopping website with ridiculously clever search engine techniques- try it out. What I've been doing there is writing about brands and designers. Originally I was an intern writing the blog, but now I'm focused much more on the brand pages. Here's an example of one I wrote for Giambattista Valli....

"The Collection - High impact pieces with feminine detailing and luxe embellishment paves the way for Giambattista Valli and his eponymous collection. A skill with altering perspectives, volumes and proportions has served Valli well, as his catwalk shows continue to receive admiration season after season. Expect critical attention to detail with slashed necklines, ruching, bell sleeves, fringing and cinched waists. A careful use of print and colour invites drama while sharp lines retain a sense of sophistication.

More info
With artistic tendencies running through his veins from a young age, Giambattista Valli wasted no time enrolling in art school. From here the designer went on to the European Design Institute and eventually the Saint Martin school of Art. Loaded up with a substantial education weighing heavily on his back, Valli began to get work with high-end fashion houses including Roberto Capucci, Fendi and Emanuel Ungaro. It was here that Valli honed his skills and learnt lessons in colour and volume, ready to transfer to his own work.

In 2005 Giambattista Valli revealed his first collection to the world, a show full of polka dots and bubble skirts attracted the industry like a moth to a flame. In the few years since his d├ębut, Valli has continued to draw a fashionable crowd of stylists and celebrities with dramatic pieces and subtle experimentation. With additions of bags, footwear and denim to the line and the first stand-alone store recently launched in Paris, it looks as if Giambattista Valli's label is well on its way to a future full of success and worldwide recognition."

This is really fun for me, and something I would love to be involved with in the future.

Whilst doing this I'm also working part-time here:

For a little extra money. Having fun there so far, but lusting over their pretty products isn't going to help enormously with saving money...

So there you have it, my work life at present. Not bad as far as work goes, however I am very excited to see where it all leads so I can leave this limbo and find a new one to call home.

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