Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Recent Work

One of the best things about writing is seeing how your words get transformed by brilliant design. Words are great, but I'm driven by visuals and love seeing beautiful imagery with an article- it just makes the experience much more visceral. 

With this in mind I wanted to quickly show you two recent pieces of work I've had published and the brilliant job that was done with the design/imagery.

First up is Cellardoor. Stunning imagery is at the heart of this magazine, and I love it when my short stories get paired with illustrations. Here's the magazine in full, my story ('Finding the Warmth') is on page 109...take a peek....

Next up is Think Local, remember me excitingly showing you my first printed article here? Well this is my third article for the mag and I'm really quite proud of it. It has been split into two parts and looks at Fashion's 'ones to watch'- this month: blogs and magazines. Read the article here.

I just love the design of it


So I just wanted to take my hat off to all you clever design types and illustrators- you make writers like me look good ;)


Is This Real Life? said...

Ah your articles are always amazing in Cellardoor and i love your ones to watch piece too!
I am totally with you on the lovely design work too, I can't believe how much beautiful art transforms words in magazines it really does help connect the piece more i think!

Louise said...

I'm blown away by your writing honey - that short story is beautiful & I've already added some of your recommended blogs onto my bloglovin' list. Keep writing and writing - you have real talent! xx

Kat Nicholls said...

Ah thank you so much girls- you have no idea how much I needed to hear that this week! Have been having one of those weeks where I wonder why I bother as I feel like it's just too much work to get anywhere, so thank you, this was just the push I needed to keep writing :) :)


Cellardoor Magazine said...

We love you and your stories Kat xx

Kat said...

Aw thank you so much :) I love writing them, especially for such an amazing magazine :)



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